Cricket presenter Erin Holland shares her tips on fitness and travelling smart

The former beauty pageant winner-turned-anchor is the presenter of the ongoing Border Gavaskar Trophy

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Erin Holland

Erin Holland

Erin Holland has established her name in the international cricket circle because of not only her good looks on camera, but also her presentation skills on live television. The former beauty pageant winner-turned-anchor is the presenter of the ongoing Border Gavaskar Trophy. While there are many male anchors, Erin is one of the respected names representing women anchors. In a candid interview she tells us about the ongoing series, and her career so far.

What has your experience been during this series?

We had been looking forward to it so much because the crowd is back in the stadium. I have spent time covering the whole of Australia and putting out some cultural stories as well. It wasn’t just about live interviews from the field and tossing back to the studio. I was absolutely thrilled to get back to doing what I really love to do, after the lockdown.

How has the experience been behind the scenes?

It’s been a little chaotic with the pandemic around. It’s a lot about being adaptable to the changing conditions. Cricket Australia has done an extraordinary job getting the games going. What I have done so far in the series such as the Women’s International Series, WBBL and BBL now, is that I wasn’t in the play hub. Instead I was placed at a safe distance and was asking questions which players could hear on a speaker, and they would give interviews. I think I kind of missed the body language which makes interviews more personal. For the Indian-Australia series – they were running the show from a studio in Mumbai and I was doing lives from Australia.

Since you travel so much, can you tell us about your travel essentials?

I am not very organised, but you really need to be organised when you are travelling. So, I have tried to trouble shoot. I have a travel bag with my make-up, hair stuff, lingerie and toiletries in it and it never gets unpacked. It’s my essentials case – I have two of them and these never get unpacked. I always carry an eye mask and ear plugs, when you are changing so many hotels you need these two to keep the sleep cycle regular.

What do you do to keep up your fitness level?

I absolutely hate running but exercise is very important to me. I love doing weight-training. So, I ensure I keep my body moving, I usually work out at the gym for an hour. If it’s not available I do bodyweight workouts in my room. From sit-ups, push-ups to dips, I do everything possible. I know cardio is important after a long flight, especially to get your legs moving. But I won’t run, I prefer using a spinning bike or the cross-trainer for my legs. Running is just boring.

You were supposed to get marring to Ben Cutting (Australian cricketer) in 2020…

We were supposed to get married in June, then COVID-19 happened. Then we were supposed to get married in December, but then the cricket schedule changed. It’s so unpredictable, we have no way of knowing when we will get hitched. We have been looking forward to it, but we pushed the date to do it the right way with our friends and family. But I am really hoping it happens soon and we get third time lucky.

Any anecdotes from your live sessions on-ground?

I seem to be a target for things that get hit at me. During the last season of BBL, a ball got hit straight at me, a sixer by Ben. I darted out of my chair for a second and the ball hit the plastic chair so hard it created a heart shaped hole. Even this series, we were filming the warm-ups before the first one day international in Sydney, and a high ball landed on the camera’s viewfinder.

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