Bangalore-based real estate professional to compete in Croatia triathlon

38-year-old Bengaluru-based property developer Nirupa Shankar is making heads turn with her decision to take part in the Croatia Ironman triathlon being held this Sunday

author_img Sanath Prasad Published :  10th October 2021 10:28 AM   |   Published :   |  10th October 2021 10:28 AM
Nirupa Shankar

Nirupa Shankar

Sometimes giving up Netflix and pizza is all you need to be on the path to achieving your goals. Well, at least Nirupa Shankar, Executive Director at Brigade Group, would like to believe so as she has chosen that road to train. The 38-year-old Bengaluru-based property developer in South India, is making heads turn with her decision to take part in the Croatia Ironman triathlon being held this Sunday. Taking time off board meetings and real estate projects to participate in a fitness event is not everyone’s cup of tea. Shankar believes that putting herself through this grind helps her stay on top in every field.

About the Ironman 51.50 series in Porec, Croatia, on October 10, she says, “It is supposed to be a very beautiful course, and I am looking forward to swimming in the Adriatic Sea and riding and running along with it. I have trained hard for this but am also nervous because it has been raining there continuously and I haven’t had much practice training in the rain.”

Shankar started training six months after her second child and was in good form to do a triathlon in May 2021. However, due to the second wave, many races got cancelled, and she was diagnosed Covid positive along with her two kids. “That set me back significantly in terms of training, as energy levels were completely depleted. It took me two months to restart training. I also lost a lot of muscle mass due to lack of training, therefore strength and stamina were heavily impacted. Since there was a lot of uncertainty around Covid, doctors asked patients to be over-cautious and not exert too much.”

The training hasn’t been easy. Shankar had gained 23 kilos from both her pregnancies. She had to shed the flab. Running and strength training, and being part of fitness communities helped her get back to fitness and in the process she also got interested in triathlons. “I love the diversity in the training of a triathlon, which consists of running, swimming, cycling and strength at least twice a week.” 

Talking about her competitive spirit, she says, “I picked up all three sports very late in life, post 35 years, so winning is difficult especially when one is competing with national champions who have been participating for several years. My goal is to consistently improve my performance. The competition is with my former self, and not anyone else. I would like to defy age and get better with time!”

How does she juggle work, family and running? “The responsibility of being a mother and overseeing three verticals of a public listed company is a big responsibility and I do not take it lightly. It’s all about finding the balance over an extended period of time. Some days when I need to work late and may not be able to train or be there for my kids, I have to find ways to make up for it over the weekend.”

Nirupa’s training regimen
✥ She trains 12 hours a week or two hours a day, six days a week. 
✥ She runs around Cubbon Park, cycles in Hesaraghatta or on the Bangalore-Hyderabad Highway and swims in the pool at home. 
✥ What she gave up: Netflix and socialising