This Bengaluru girl is making the right noises in the esports space which is mostly dominated by men

The 23-year-old has won many team competitions, including Rooter Underdogs 3.0 and Battlegrounds India Girls Championship
 Aastha Savya Sachi
 Aastha Savya Sachi

Think gaming and one usually associates it to be a male-dominated space. However, the esports industry is changing over the years with girls making their entry and gradually changing its landscape in the country. Just like Bengaluru girl Aastha Savya Sachi, who is making the right noises in the industry. 

She wants to make a difference and ensure that girls can match boys in terms of performance. When she was 12, she started playing IGI, and by the time she was 14, she was involved in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. But as a 19-year-old, when Sachi started playing the popular PubG Season 5, she met people who thought girls were a ‘liability’ in it.

“When I first started playing PubG, I was exploring and having fun. But I soon encountered people who thought girls were a liability as it’s a team game. That was the exact moment when I decided to become so good at this game that people would admire me,” says Sachi, who currently represents an all-girls team called Godlike All Girls. There are six girls in the team hailing from different cities, including Pune and Jaipur. As of now, they compete in Battleground India.

The 23-year-old has won many team competitions, including Rooter Underdogs 3.0 and Battlegrounds India Girls Championship. Though she does manage to make some money via her winnings, her major source of income is from her profession as a software engineer. She tries to strike a balance between the two, but it has been quite hard for Sachi to make her parents understand what esports means to her.

However, Sachi is 100 per cent sure that she is never going to stop playing. Besides being a top player, she has other major goals too, which includes bringing about a change in the mindset of people when it comes to women in esports. That is what keeps her charged up and motivated as well. Her suggestion to all other girls in the industry is simple — ‘Keep up the grind and show them your worth’.

 “Gaming and girls don’t usually go together according to society. That is why I want other girls to prove them wrong. It’s all about equality. Differences are always there when you outperform an excellent player. Friends tend to say, “How can a girl defeat you?” This change will take time. When the ratio difference of girls to boys in esports is negligible, the mindset will change,” she says.  

Though she and her team have done quite well in competitions, Sachi is looking at delivering the goods at a global tournament. With the competition that exists, she is aware of the growing demands of the game and believes they need to prepare furthermore. “I don’t exactly know the definition of success in this category, but people respecting me and accepting that girls play well is a success. As an esports player, I want to perform and win a global level tournament; we are preparing for that, but we are not even halfway,” says Sachi.

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