Bengaluru's well-known theatre artiste Ratan Thakore Grant no more

Sources say the thespian died due to a heart attack
Picture by Amit Ranjan Sahu. Courtesy:
Picture by Amit Ranjan Sahu. Courtesy:

Ratan Thakore Grant, one of Bengaluru's most well-known theatre personalities died on Saturday. Sources say, Ratan died of heart attack.

Ratan was the man behind the acting studio Misfit that trained many theatre actors in Bengaluru. On the Misfit's official website, the About section records Ratan's thoughts on the art of teaching acting - I have always believed that acting cannot be taught – we are born with that ability.  All of us are amazing, brilliant actors.  When we act in "our real life", we have a strong belief, that those, for whom we are putting the act on for, are unaware of our inborn talent to act [to lie is a part of it], therefore, most of the time, utterly convincing. But, when we are on stage or in front of the camera, we know, that those who are watching us, know that we are acting and we become conscious of the act.  Thus, the only thing about acting that can be taught, is to blur the line between reality and make believe.  In actuality, it is quite simple, but to achieve this simplicity [of acting ], the path is a difficult one. Acting is connecting to one’s inner self and when one tries to do that, doors and windows are opened, which on a conscious level, one is never willing to open. It is my belief, that acting is a way of enriching oneself, those around you and those who are around them. Be good [Take your acting seriously but not so yourself] - Ratan.

Ratan had also acted in movies such as Jungle Boy, Outhouse and Minus 1, apart from acting in several TV commercials and ad campaigns.

The theatre fraternity mourned the loss of this theatre stalwart. Jagriti Theatre's co-founder Arundhati Raja posted a story on her Facebook profile grieving his death, saying, 'A sad, sad loss.'

Ratan conducted his acting classes at a school that's located opposite Safina Plaza, and some of his students whom he had trained posted on social media saying they will always remember him everytime they are around that corner.

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