10 things every Jersey Shore fan will relate to immediately

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Jersey Shore bid adieu to its large fan following few years back, but with the reunion season of the show, fans are extremely pumped to witness the drastic changes in the nature and lifestyle of the cast. 

The madness of the eight-member cast which includes Snooki, JWow, Deanna, Sammi, Mike the Situation, Vinny, Ron, Pauly D left us with, are unforgettable. 

Over the past six seasons, the series has showcased some shocking shenanigans; from creative usage of slang words to partying like there’s no tomorrow. As the series is back, here are 10 things, every fan will relate to whilst watching the Jersey Shore Family Vacation on Vh1: 

‘Gym, Tan, and Laundry’ a.k.a the key to success in life, according to the cast. Coined by Mike "The Situation", the housemates swear by this acronym 

Tee Shirt Time
Before the guys step out, they have to have a ‘Tee Shirt Time’ this is when they wear their white beater or any colored tank top before actually putting on their shirt 

Vinny's Eyebrows
Vinny has time and again shared his grooming habits on his social media pages but how can anyone forget the eyebrow wiggle?

When Joey was literally called ‘Joey Fist Pumps’! He could fist pump on a dance floor and throw down in a dance circle of six dudes. It was only after this when it was considered a dance step 

Fights are always entertaining but one cannot forget the iconic fights between Sammi vs. JWOW, JWOW vs. The Situation, Snooki vs. Angelina 

Where’s the Beach?  
When Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi went around screaming, ‘Where's the beach?!’ while standing right in front of it. This hilarious moment is something fans still remember!

We have heard ‘Karma is a @#$%!’ but there was never a day when the cast wasn’t found at Club Karma 

Snooki's Slippers
Snooki doesn’t shy away from showing off her love for slippers. No fan can forget the unique, quirky and iconic slippers Snooki wore whenever she leisured around the shore 

Pauly’s constant rant ‘Stop the Drama’

The Note
Who wrote it for Sam? Snooki or Jenni? Watch the telecast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation every Friday 5.30am on Vh1 and a repeat at 9pm.

Watch the telecast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation every Friday 5.30am on Vh1 and a repeat at 9pm.