Shopper's Stop: A chat with the leading star's of NBC's workplace comedy, Superstores

Superstore’s leading actors Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash and Coton Dunn talk about their roles, the rapport between the cast, and on writing and directing episodes for the show 

Fathima Ashraf Published :  06th July 2018 06:00 AM   |   Published :   |  06th July 2018 06:00 AM
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The cast of Superstores

Superstore, the workplace comedy that premiered in 2015, follows the everyday trials and tribulations of employees at Cloud 9, a fictitious big-box store in Missouri, US. Be it from Ben Feldman’s well-intended Jonah, Colton Dunn’s reluctant Garrett or Lauren Ash’s overly stern Dina, each episode comes with sharp jokes delivered as straightforward deadpans. As the show is being renewed for Season 4 with 22 episodes and a lot more plot-twists, Superstore’s leading characters, Ben Feldman, Colton Dunn and Lauren Ash talk about their characters, the rapport between the cast, and on writing and directing the show.

Ben Feldman

How well do you relate to your characters in Superstore?
Ben Feldman
: I believe that in many ways, every character you play is some version of yourself but there should be enough differences to keep you from having an identity crisis. As for me, I have to keep reminding people on that my name is Ben and not Jonah. 

Colton Dunn: Garrett and I are the kinds who like cool shoes and video games, but also share a dislike for day jobs.

Lauren Ash:  I’m a rule follower just like Dina. I feel like rules are there for a reason, and without them, society would be chaos. That said, I’m not as militant about making others follow the rules like Dina is.

How is it to write and direct for a show that you are already a part of?
: I couldn’t have imagined venturing into directing with anything other than my show. Directing Superstore was one of the greatest experiences of my career, and I probably need to do it 80 more times before I’m ready to take on someone else’s show.

Lauren Ash

LA: I was honoured to get the opportunity to write for this show. I’m very proud of how my episode turned out and I hope to direct the show soon.

CD: We have an incredible writing staff, so I’m really comfortable just doing the acting on the show. That said, I’d love to write an episode for Superstore someday. It’s such a fun group of characters.

Colton Dunn

Colton, you are an expert at dealing with internet trolls. Do you think Garrett would do the same?
: The secret is to give trolls no power and call them out for what they are — people whose only skill is to type something mean on their keyboard. That’s not impressive. Garrett probably has a small social media presence. He prefers to stick to Instagram.

How is the rapport between the cast of the show?
: This cast gets along better than any cast I’ve ever been a part of. We’re very much like family and we hang out all the time. Other actors would tell you their sets are more fun but I promise you they’re lying. No group is better than our group.

LA: For me, Superstore is a dream come true. I also get to work with Mark McKinney who is one of the reasons I wanted to get into sketch comedy as a kid. I never thought that one day I would act with one of my biggest comedy heroes. 

Superstore Season 3 airs Monday to Friday at 10 pm on Comedy Central.| @fathiimaashraf