From Shark Tank to The Profit, here's a list of TV shows that are based on start-ups 

These highly entertaining and even informative shows have massively changed the way Indian’s perceive start-ups and entrepreneurship.

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These highly entertaining and even informative shows have massively changed the way Indian’s perceive start-ups and entrepreneurship. We have collated the perfect list of shows for you to binge watch this summer.

  1. Shark Tank



Shark Tank is the most revered business-entertainment reality show on television not only in the US but also internationally. With India’s expansive start-up culture and deep-rooted business mindset, Shark Tank has become one of the most-watched shows on the channel, Colors InfinityBut the sterling appeal of Shark Tank doesn’t stop there, the show has a fanbase across age groups and milieu with its unique approach to reality television. A crash course in the Perfect Pitch, Season 9 of the show is a class of Business:101, that further ups the ante for reality-entertainment shows on Indian television.

You can watch Shark Tank in India from Monday to Friday at 9 PM only on COLORS INFINITY.


  1. TVF Pitchers


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This series literally became a 'viral fever' since it was the first time on Indian Television that a Drama-Comedy series had its primary theme as entrepreneurship. The show grabbed attention right from its first episode when Naveen, gets super drunk and calls up his boss in the middle of the night and quits his job. However, luck is on his side because an idea that he has been having for the past couple of months, with his two closest friends, falls through. With abundant humorous one-liners and fun characters, TVF Pitchers is a must watch for any first-time entrepreneur.


  1. How I made my Millions


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How I Made My Millions leads you to the green room of the business world, where after the curtain fall, the biggest businessmen and women reveal how they took ordinary ideas and turned them into extraordinary businesses. The show showcases the typical ‘American Dream’ and tries to show that if you have the idea, the resources and the willpower, you can make things happen. This show is a CNBC original.

  1. The Profit


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The Profit shows that being a successful entrepreneur is not all about rainbows and butterflies. It shows the challenging and often ugly side of starting your own business. The show revolves real-life businessman Marcus Lemonis, one of the biggest sharks of the business world and his decision to invest money into struggling companies and turn them into highly profitable entities in returns for a percentage of both business and profit. The Profit is a great watch for budding entrepreneurs.