Meera the Menace: Our pick of top moments from Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3, featuring Meera Mitun

Love her or hate her, there is no denying that Meera Mitun was a controversial contestant in Bigg Boss House Season 3. We look back on her month-long journey on the popular reality TV series

If Oviya was controversy's favourite child in Season 1 of Bigg Boss Tamil, hosted by Kamal Haasan, this season there is no doubt that it has to be Meera Mitun. The model/actress, who was a wildcard entry into the Bigg Boss House in the ongoing Season 3, was consistently nominated for five weeks, finally leading to her being evicted from the house. Meera remains the fourth person to be evicted, following the exit of contestants Fathima Babu, Vanitha Vijaykumar and Mohan Vaidya. 

During her 30-odd days in the house, Meera earned many a monicker - from amaanushiya sakthi (supernatural force) to even azhu moonji (cry baby) - but sadly, few friends. The other inmates in the house seemed to stay away from Meera, who seemed to be creating controversy, often for the wrong reasons. From eliciting laughs from the housemates to downright accusing director Cheran of "manhandling" her, there has been no dearth of drama. Here's our pick of top #MeeraMoments from the show: 

Peace out:
Meera always began her day meditating, and also took to meditation whenever she was stressed. One of the daily tasks Bigg Boss set for her, was to teach the rest of the house the basics of meditation too, which she carried out well. In fact, during one of the sessions, Sandy, a housemate, can be seen imitating her, without her even realising it - making for a good two minutes of entertainment. 

Cops and robbers:
Meera, during a luxury budget task, was entrusted with the responsibility of finding out who the "murderer" of the house was, and she carried out the task with great enthusiasm. The tables turned when she was selected as the worst performer along with Sakshi in another task and was sent to prison as punishment. Believing that the housemates were deliberately cornering her, she locked herself up in the bathroom for over an hour and when she came out, directly accused the housemates on camera about talking behind her back - leaving the housemates confused, once again. 

Stylish Tamizhachi: 
There's no denying it. She was one of the most stylish girls on the show this season. The confidence with which she taught the contestants to walk the ramp, to putting together her outfits carefully, especially during the weekend episodes, Meera had her style game on point, we think! 

Cry me a river: 
As a wildcard entry to the Bigg Boss house, Meera knew from day one that she was an unwelcome presence. Her efforts to make friends with the other contestants on the show either ended up with her fighting with them or contradicting herself and subsequently confusing the contestants. If this was her strategy, what can we say, except, well-played Meera! 

Fight club:

This season of Bigg Boss, of course, has not seen a dearth of fights. Almost every participant has been involved in some kind of argument or the other. And Meera, too, has had her share of fights on the show. Here's a look: 

With Mugen: She considered him to be one of the "most aware" contestants on the show, and was disappointed that he did not stand up for her even when she felt she was being singled out. After a few attempts at making things right, Mugen eventually gave up and stopped talking to her altogether. 

With Tharshan: Meera confidently declared that Tharshan was her "close friend" and insinuated that he was flirting with her, without informing her that he was otherwise committed - and even urged him to speak to her mother to ask for her hand in marriage. Tharshan, however, stood up for himself and clarified that such a conversation had not taken place and went one step further, saying that he wanted to have nothing to do with her ever again. 

With all the housemates: During one of the luxury budget tasks, Meera felt cornered that she did not perform well. The task was to identify which alarm clock was going off, in a room filled with different kinds of clocks, within a stipulated amount of time. Meera said that she was the one who identified where the clocks were, and wasn't acknowledged enough. Predictably, the incident ended in tears. 

With Cheran: In what is perhaps the biggest fight that broke out in the Bigg Boss house, Meera accused director Cheran of manhandling her during a luxury budget task. The setting for the said task was that of a village, where Cheran played the naatamai (village head) and she, an interfering, possessive mother-in-law. While cornering Losliya, who they believed was stealing things from the house, Meera said that Cheran "touched her inappropriately" and "lifted her" out of the way and that she felt his behaviour was "harsh". Cheran apologised but was upset over the false accusation. At the end of the week, host Kamal Haasan replayed the episode and established that no such thing had happened, while also explaining the ramifications of a false accusation. However, Meera stood her ground, and most people believe that it is this kind of behaviour that eventually led to her exit from the show. 

At the end of the day, there is no denying that the Bigg Boss house will definitely be a lot quieter, thanks to Meera's exit. 

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