Take your love for Game Of Thrones to the next level with this game

The real-time strategy PC browser game was developed by China-based Yoozoo Games

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Winter Is Coming Game

The final season of Game Of Thrones is on the air and fans can't keep calm. If you're on the edge of your seat waiting for each episode, engage yourself with the new Games of Thrones Winter is Coming game. The real-time strategy PC browser game was developed by China-based Yoozoo Games. If you happen to see this on your Social Media feed, don' think it's a fake—the game has been officially licensed by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment under license from HBO!

The game is set immediately after the death of Eddard Stark and the player is a new Westeros lord. They will get to experience many of the events that are told in the popular HBO series, but the main aim of each player is to build a fortified base, train an army and build a following. The game progresses as you acquire more wealth, might and influence to win the Iron Throne.

Users can also invite friends to bring their armies together and compete with other human players. The game designers have also made provisions for unlockable exclusive storylines through a host of PvE (player versus enemy) missions which will include facing bandits.

Gaming enthusiasts can start off by heading to the official website of the game and signing up. You can do so with a GT Arcade account or through a Google/Facebook account. 

Reports are also afloat that the game will soon be available on mobile, designed by Tencent, the makers of PUBG Mobile.