Eight must-watch premieres and new shows on TV and OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon

Catch the premiere of The Witcher on Netflix and Housefull 4 on Hotstar VIP

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The Witcher

The Witcher

Premiere: The Witcher
The new fantasy drama show, starring Henry Cavill in the lead, is based on the book series of the same name by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. It revolves around the monster slayer, Geralt of Rivia, who leads a solitary life as he is scorned by society. December 20. On Netflix

New season: Beat Shazam
Beat Shazam makes its Season 3 premiere on Indian television next Thursday. The show, which is hosted by Jamie Foxx, sees teams of two players each, competing to identify songs just by their sound. After a number of rounds, teams with the highest scores play against the Shazam app to see if they can name songs before the app can identify them. Winners take home a prize of USD 1,000,000. December 26, 9 pm. On Colors Infinity

Premiere: The Aeronauts
This biographical adventure film is set in 1862 London. It follows a balloon flight taken by aeronaut Amelia Wren and aspiring meteorologist James Glaisher. Their aim is to prove to the world that weather can be forecast and they undertake a long, adventurous and dangerous journey to do so. December 20. On Amazon Prime

Premiere: Housefull 4
This is the fourth installment from the Housefull film franchise. It’s the story of three brothers — Harry, Roy and Max — who run a barber shop in London. The brothers are dating three sisters named Pooja, Neha and Kriti, daughters of a rich Indian in the UK. When all the three couples head to Sitamgarh in India for their destination wedding, they discover some secrets about their past. December 20. On Hotstar VIP

Premiere: Life Itself
The film, Life Itself, is a romantic saga that revolves around a young New York couple as they go from college romance to marriage to parenthood. It captures the twists and turns the life of the couple takes as they grow older. It stars Olivia Wilde as Abby, Annette Bening as Dr Cait Morris, Mandy Patinkin as Irwin Dempsey and Oscar Isaac as Will. December 21, 1 pm and 9 pm. On &PriveHD

New season: You
Penn Badgley is back on screen as the sociopath Joe Goldberg in the second season of You. In this new chapter of his life, Joe moves to Los Angeles. He becomes obsessed with an aspiring chef, Love Quinn, but his past catches up with him. December 26. On Netflix

New show: World’s Busiest Cities
How do some of the world’s most crowded and chaotic cities function? Find out on the show titled World’s Busiest Cities. The show will give you a peek into the transport systems, engineering, food culture, trade and history of metropolises like New Delhi, Hong Kong and Mexico City. December 21, 10 pm. On Sony BBC Earth

Premiere: Miss Bala
Miss Bala, an action-thriller, is the story of two girls who face one of their biggest nightmares. It follows Gloria Fuentes, a Latin-American makeup artist who travels from Los Angeles to Tijuana in Mexico to meet her best friend Suzu. They go out partying at a local night club, and Gloria is attacked by armed men who attempt to kidnap her but she manages to escape. The next day when she tries to get in touch with Suzu, she can’t and that’s when her search for Suzu begins. December 22, 1 pm and 9 pm. On &flix