From Attenborough's gripping narration to spectacular footage, here's five reasons to watch Dynasties on Sony BBC Earth

Cleverly focusing on the ruling family unit as it exists in nature, the show's twist on wildlife makes Dynasties as gripping as any human royal drama.

author_img Rehna K Published :  11th June 2019 01:10 PM   |   Published :   |  11th June 2019 01:10 PM


A queen locked in a bloody war against her power-hungry daughter. A matriarch struggling to keep her subjects alive. A young prince abducted from his parents by a jealous emperor. Each could easily be subplots in Game of Thrones, but these stories instead make up the episodes in Sony BBC Earth’s upcoming mega-series, Dynasties. Cleverly focusing on the ruling family unit as it exists in nature, the show's twist on wildlife makes Dynasties as gripping as any human royal drama.

Four years in the making, Dynasties comes from the same group that made the highly-acclaimed Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II. Each of the five hour-long episodes focusses on five different animal tribes which includes Charm the Lioness; David the Chimpanzee; Raj Bhera the Tigress; Tait and Blacktip the Painted Wolves and a colony of Emperor Penguins. These dynasties face unforeseen challenges not only from within their species and their rivals, but also from their environment, and the impact humanity has had on our fragile ecosystem.

There are many reasons to watch this series but top 5 reasons are listed below:


1.       It is presented by the inimitable Sir David Attenborough!



Because there’s only one human king of the jungle and that is Sir David Attenborough. Anything that this man touches turns to gold! After delivering masterpieces like Planet Earth, Blue Planet and a long list of other shows, in a career spanning over five decades, 93-year old Attenborough aka Godfather of Natural History, is back with another wildlife series but with a twist. Dynasties is as real as it gets in the natural world - with deaths and heartbreaks too. However, Attenborough’s soothing voice makes it all better! No one has contributed more to nature and wildlife than this man and this time too, he brings forth a series about endangered animals and in his own way makes a hell lot of difference!


2.      As gripping as Game of Thrones!!



Dynasties describes itself as being "natural history's biggest drama," and while the project is documentarian, it is as much a soap opera as nonfiction. The docuseries is about power struggles, forming alliances, fights within the family, impact of human actions on wildlife and focusses acutely on each species playing politics and fighting for survival. Never-before has a series offered such an intimate glimpse into the lives of these endangered species.

3.      Storytelling with a twist!



Unlike much of Attenborough’s previous work such as Planet Earth and Blue Planet, an episode of Dynasties doesn’t cut between different creatures. Instead, each hour-long episode focusses on a specific family within a specific species. Lions, emperor penguins, chimpanzees, tigers, and painted wolves are the creatures that will be covered, and an incredible amount of work and time has gone into telling each of their stories. From their struggles and strategies to survive to the family feud and powerplay, Dynasties gives an in-depth insight into these 5 families.

4.      A movie like cinematic experience from a crew that stole the show


It’s no less a film!! Delving deep into the opposite ends of the world to capture these stories - from the drought and gold mining-ravaged expanse of Senegal, West Africa, to the freezing wasteland of Atka Bay in Antarctica – the crew has left no stone unturned to deliver a cinematic masterpiece. Dynasties owes its grandness to the creative expertise of an outstanding crew who relentlessly put their hearts and minds together for this incredible series. It is the sheer brilliance of working closely with the animal world for over 3 years in the most extreme weather conditions to capture every minute detail, that makes ‘Dynasties’ a spellbinding visual treat.


5.      The show delivers a very important and a powerful message


It is as real as it gets! No plot or story has been twisted and this is what makes the show beautiful and cruel! Dynasties ends with a necessary reminder of what we stand to lose if real action to save the environment isn't taken. Many of the challenges these majestic creatures face are a direct result of human contact or humanity's growing presence in their lands. Hence, after the watching the series, it's impossible to ignore the effects we have on those around us, especially when we feel we have gotten to intimately know the animals involved.

Witness some stunning moments and thrilling actions as you indulge in an immersive experience of the wild in Dynasties, Monday to Friday at 9.00 p.m. only on Sony BBC Earth