Ed Stafford is joined by wife and toddler in his latest adventure series on Discovery  

Wife Laura Bingham and son Ran joins British explorer Ed Stafford in the latest series on Discovery
Ed Stafford Man Woman Child Wild
Ed Stafford Man Woman Child Wild

Till now, Ed Stafford has survived alone in some of the Earth’s most hostile environments often desperate for food, shelter and water, but he will have some company this time.

The Guinness Book of World Record holder will be seen setting off on another adventure trip with his wife Laura Bingham and 20-month-old son Ran in the brand-new documentary Ed Stafford: Man Woman Child Wild.

Completely self-filmed Ed, Laura and Ran’s survival challenge will see them based on one of Indonesia’s 18,000 islands, deep in the Indian Ocean. Watch the family survive with no provisions and no idea of the water and food sources. To top it all, the threat of tropical storms will be looming large.

Talking about the show, Stafford offers, “I thought it would be fascinating as an experiment, for a family to go out and see whether they can survive and leave behind all the trappings of everyday life. Discovery Channel bought into the idea and they thought it would make a very interesting TV programme. I think we learned a lot of lessons along the way.” Continuing further, the 45-year-old explorer, who has authored a number of books says, “The thing that helps me above everything else, especially, in survival situations is meditation.  It’s so important for me to be centered; to be aware and to be able to notice the things that are going on around me. Also, it’s important to step back from your thoughts and your emotions and get to a place of calm.”

The show will premiere on Discovery, Discovery HD and Discovery Plus App on May 11.

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