&TV to pay a special tribute through Ek Desh Ek Awaaz initiative on Ambedkar Jayanti

The entertainment channels plans for a concerted Bheem Vandana on April 14, 8 pm to celebrate BR Ambedkar's birthday
Dr B.R. Ambedkar
Dr B.R. Ambedkar

The life and legacy of Dr B.R. Ambedkar, the principal architect of our country's constitution, revered as Babasaheb, has inspired many with his life and work. And on the day of his birth on April 14, Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated every year. This year, due to the lockdown &TV launches the Ek Desh Ek Awaaz initiative, to pay a special tribute to Babasaheb and his vision of a unified India. As a part of this initiative, the channel urges everyone to come together for Bheem Vandana and pay special homage to Babasaheb on April 14th at 8 pm only on &TV. 

<em>Prasad Jawade</em>
Prasad Jawade

Ambedkar was a leader par excellence and his legacy is unparalleled. He believed that the only way India could foster national unity and stability was through instituting a unified code of One Nation One Constitution.  

Television artiste Prasad Jawade says, Dr B.R. Ambedkar laid the foundation of a unified India by bringing millions of Indians under the ambit of one nation and one constitution. His teachings and philosophy still resonate with the Indians across the country, even today".

<em>Neha Joshi</em>
Neha Joshi

Neha Joshi feels that Babasaheb truly was a visionary leader and he not only brought people together but also got them to take collective action towards all forms of suppression.

Jagannath Nivangune says“Dr Ambedkar was truly a leader par excellence. His work has touched and impacted the lives of all Indians".

<em>Gracy Singh</em>
Gracy Singh

Gracy Singh, the actor who played the lead in Lagaan says, “Babasaheb is one of the most prominent voices in Indian history. Be it his fight for equality, women empowerment, or his involvement in the reformation of education; he has impacted the lives of every Indian”. 

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