Are you ready for Four More Shots Please! Season 2? It's bigger, wilder and crazier, say the stars

Stars of this popular show talk about the new season and how the four friends finally take charge of their lives
The cast of Four More Shots Please!
The cast of Four More Shots Please!

The all-women show that took Indian audiences by storm in 2019, Four More Shots Please! is back with its second season, and it premieres on Amazon Prime Video on April 17. The first season introduced the vivacious and glamorous characters of Damini Rizvi Roy aka D, Umang Singh, Anjana Menon and Siddhi Patel. Their storylines were established and their aspirations, love interests, ambitions and fears were explored.

Season 2 is expected to showcase the bolder side of these women. They are unabashedly honest, ambitious and demand more fun and excitement from life. Maanvi Gagroo, who plays the role of Siddhi, says, “In the new season, we are going deeper into the characters’ lives. The group’s dynamics are also explored. The production is bigger and the writing is a notch-up. However, these confident women who are unapologetically themselves also make mistakes and do stupid things. But they are there for each other.”

Turning a new leaf
Siddhi, who is seen as a virgin looking for true love in season 1, undergoes a drastic transformation. The character, who is always under the watch of her control-freak mother, is seeking new adventures. “You will see a different Siddhi in this season. One major change looks-wise is that my character has shorter hair,” says the actress, adding, “Also, in the first season, Siddhi was only seen in skirts and dresses. Now, she wears clothes chosen by her and not her mother. Her personality has evolved a lot more. She feels that all the ties that were holding her have been broken. She travels and does as she pleases. Initially, there is a lack of seriousness because she is an out-anout Gen Z character. She is living it up. But there is a sense of sobriety that kicks in at the end of the season.” These significant changes are captured in the trailer, and the actress says, she’s enjoyed the transformation.

Getting serious
Sayani Gupta plays Damini, a firebrand journalist who is unafraid and totally outspoken. Season 1 was all about D’s meteoric rise — she won several awards despite many hurdles. But the season ended with her personal life in a huge mess. “She is going through turbulent times. She is really trying to keep up her spirits, but there’s also a big setback. She is now exploring different opportunities in her professional life. But nothing’s working out because she stood up for something and is facing backlash. There’s just too much drama in her life,” explains Sayani when asked about what to expect from her character in second season.

Although all four characters including Anjana and Umang have a new set of challenges to face and issues to deal with, they take charge of their lives. “The message that we are attempting to give out is that you need to be in control. Your father, boyfriend, husband, mother, or sister can’t be in-charge... you have to be. Of course these relationships are important but you need to live a life to know what you want in life, so I think it’s this agency that we are focusing on. That’s what we hope younger women can take away from the series,” offers Maanvi.

While all the women are aspirational in some way to the audience, the actors who are playing these characters say each of these women has their own journey and that’s what makes them special. “I was keen to play Damini’s role because I loved how her character had been written. The other character who is my favourite is Umang. I think this role brought out the apathy and struggles (faced by LGBTQIA community). There is so much homophobia in our country, so what happens to this character is quite heartbreaking and we get to see how such people are treated in real life,” signs off Sayani.

Quick fire with Maanvi
Favourite fashion trend: Tube dresses.
Personal fashion hack: Red lipstick can spice up any outfit. I always have red lipstick in my bag.
Style statement: I think it is eclectic.
Must-have wardrobe essential: A comfortable-yet-sexy maxi dress.
Daily routine for skin and hair: In the morning after a shower, I use a Vitamin C serum. It brightens up my face. Before sleeping, I always remove my makeup and use an eye cream. Yoga, strength training and drinking lots of water add a glow to my skin.
Go-to outfit for the day: A short off-shoulder dress with sneakers and hoops. Go-to outfit for a date night: Sequined top and well-fitted jeans with heels.

Quick fire with Sayani
If not an actor, what would you be? A detective. I grew up on Sherlock Holmes and Feluda, so I think I can be a good detective.
Three things you want to complete before the end of this year: I want to learn swimming because I want to go underwater diving, I want to complete writing my script and making a film and I want to learn to play an instrument.
What are some of the things you do not like about fame? I hate selfies. I do oblige. But I have said no a few times. Once when I went for an audition, another actor approached me for a selfie and I refused saying, ‘we both have come for an audition, and it’s not okay to take a selfie with me.’ Some men get really irritating, they poke or touch for a selfie and that’s when I flatly refuse.
Shows you are addicted to: Friends, I watch it every night.


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