From Shark Tank to Grey's Anatomy, shows that integrated Coronavirus pandemic into their storylines

Here are 5 TV shows that perfectly took the current situation into their stride effortlessly. Binge watch them across Colors Infinity, Netflix, Comedy Central Disney+Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video.

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Shark Tank Season 11

Shark Tank Season 11

Come hell or high water, the show must go on. The sentiment has never been truer than the current times; during the perilous times, we’ve faced in 2020. The only thing that has kept us going are the glorious TV shows with a much-needed medium to escape the humdrum of daily life. To keep the momentum of entertainment going, the showrunners of these TV shows soldiered on despite all the restrictions, shooting fresh content for viewers to feast their eyes on. They also successfully managed to incorporate conversations around the pandemic into their storylines, offering audiences some reel characters enduring the same unprecedented trauma.

Here are 5 TV shows that perfectly took the current situation into their stride effortlessly. Binge watch them across Colors Infinity, Netflix, Comedy Central, Disney+Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video.

  1. Shark Tank Season 12 on Colors Infinity


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Businesses across the world have taken a hit due to the numerous restrictions and lockdowns imposed. These multimillionaires came back with the latest season of entrepreneurial reality TV series, Shark Tank, investing in innovative minds looking to change the world. The new socially distanced edition of the show featured the entire cast being tested and taking every precaution to ensure utmost safety. Adapting to the new normal, the show also featured pitches related to coronavirus, as it impacted the businesses they’ve already invested in. Catch the newest season on Colors Infinity.

  1. Social Distance on Netflix


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From the creators of the hit Netflix original Orange is the New Black, Social Distance was visualized, shot and released entirely during quarantine. Documenting the lives of couples, families and friends dealing with the fallout of lockdown, this wonderful TV series highlighted how technology has tied us all together during these trying times. The series also touched upon the Black Lives Matter movement and the death of George Floyd, making the show not only relatable, but socially relevant as well.

  1. Superstore Season 6 on Comedy Central


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The final season of the beloved sitcom emphasized on the vitality of essential workers who are at the frontlines of dealing with the debilitating pandemic. From the panic induced hoarding of toilet paper to the anxiety that accompanies being out and about when the rest of the world is in lockdown, the series covers it all with their signature light hearted, goofy attitude. Witness the season finale on Comedy Central.

  1. This is Us S05 on Disney+Hotstar


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One of the most beautiful examples of storytelling, This is Us allows their viewers to experience the full spectrum of human emotions with their stirring depiction of the complexity of human relationships. With multiple storylines occurring at once, the show seamlessly incorporated the pandemic into their storyline portraying the trials faced people from all walks of life. The show details the lives of people dealing with big changes – pregnancy, old age, and career changes – while dealing with a global pandemic.

  1. Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 on Amazon Prime Video


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One of the longest-running medical dramas on prime television, Grey’s Anatomy has served audiences with decades of crisply crafted medical plotlines. The award-winning show kept it real as always by bringing coronavirus into their storyline, exploring the struggles healthcare workers are enduring while dealing with the dramatic influx of catastrophe around them. They’ve honoured essential workers and Covid patients in several of their episodes, for which they’ve received appreciation across the board.