Five new offerings on the OTT space that cater to every popular genre  

Check out these five recent and upcoming shows from some popular genres that you just can’t miss.

author_img F. Ashraf Published :  23rd December 2020 08:46 PM   |   Published :   |  23rd December 2020 08:46 PM

It's the season of celebrations! Parties, dinners and get-togethers... But if you are looking to stay in and plan a binge-watch, here are few shows and films from different genres.

Check out these five recent and upcoming shows from some popular genres that you just can’t miss.

American Gods (Science Fiction)
This Neil Geiman’s adaptation will see question everything you thought was real and fantasy. American Gods is a sci-fi series, starring Ricky Whittle and Emily Browning and shows the hard comings on today’s mystic world filled with technology and media and how a man tries to bring in the old Gods to save the people from the current doom. Brace yourself as this series will release on 11th January exclusively on Amazon Prime Video and will surely have your dreaming all day long.


Yearly Departed (Comedy)
This show is a humorous take on the year that 2020 was. Starring, Natasha Rothwell, Tiffany Haddish, Patti Harrison and hosted by Phoebe Robinson, Yearly Departed will take you on a hilarious ride in 2020 and all the things that we have lost and found this year. A host of female comedians will talk about everything and anything from casual sex to beige Band-Aids. Releasing on 30th December, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, this show is the cure to all the losses we had this year and will definitely get you excited for the next year.


Sylvie’s Love (Romance)
How can we forget Romance, which is an evergreen genre. This American drama film, directed by Eugene Ashe, will take you back to the 60’s era, where television and gramophones were the most updated source of entertainment. This movie is all about how a woman has different roles to play and many expectations to fulfill, but amidst all this she never forgets to lose her own identity. Tessa Thompson played Sylvie’s character and showed everyone exactly why they must prioritize themselves as well. This movie will tell us to put oneself as the priority. This movie will definitely give you more power and strength and the importance of how to be happy from within in order to make others happy. Releasing this December, 23rd exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, this romantic film will make you realize that apart from getting love, one must love themselves as well because we all deserve it. 

The Ripper (Docu-Series)
The Ripper will awaken the Sherlock Holmes inside you. This thriller documentary series is one of its kind which will surely send chills down your spine. Directed by Jesse Vile and Ellena Wood, The Ripper is a true crime story which took place in Yorkshire and has inspired much cult-fiction. With ample of time at your disposal, this Netflix series, that released on 16th December, will keep you occupied and absorbed right from the first scene to the last. 

Black Widows (Thriller)
What if you saw a show where the victim is the culprit and the culprit is the victim? Black Widows is all about questions and answers entangled within themselves and the drive to solve a mystery murder of 3 husbands. This web-series is not only ‘Black’ but very dark too. If you want a taste of this nail-biting series that released on 18th December on Zee5, you know exactly where to head.