Balika Vadhu writer Purnendu Shekhar’s biggest challenge was to create a new Anandi 

Balika Vadhu writer Purnendu Shekhar scripts another compelling story with a strong lead 

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Balika Vadhu2

Cast of Balika Vadhu 2

For Balika Vadhu writer Purnendu Shekhar sketching the character of the new Anandi, was a task. He tells us, “Being the lead character, this Anandi had to be different from the previous Anandi. And that posed a challenge because Anandi of that season was equally exemplary.” Continuing the Rajasthan-born Shekhar adds, “So this Anandi is an out and out rebel, unlike the other one who would conform to some situations. She is a big prankster, more spirited and is not at all interested in academics, unlike her previous counterpart. Also, her approach is more practical. However, one thing that’s common between them is that they both stand up against the wrong.”

Shekhar whose repertoire stands out with popular TV shows like Saat Phere, Grihasti, Saloni Ka Safar talks in detail about the new innings of Balika Vadhu.   

Why did the team plan for season 2 of Balika Vadhu? 

While season one of Balika Vadhu successfully changed many lives and mindsets, the evil custom is still prevalent and thriving in some parts of our country. The aim was simple - to bring about a change and reignite conversations to eradicate child marriage from society. While in season one, along with the evil custom of child marriages, many other social concerns were depicted in the locales of Rajasthan, season 2 will be throwing light on the issues that are prevalent in the interiors of Gujarat. 

What were the challenges you faced while making the new season?

The biggest challenge that I faced was to crack another remarkable story following the same concept with the same gripping and entertaining content. I wrote season 1 for 7 years and 9 months. I gave it all my thoughts and explored every angle I could, and delivering another story that is equally good and engaging was the most challenging aspect for me.

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The actors are all new. Was it done purposely? 

Yes, absolutely! Even though the concept of season 2 is the same, it is a new story, with new characters in a different region and hence different actors. We have a few Gujarati artistes as well on the show.

How is this story different from the last one? 

This is a completely new narrative as it isn’t the continuation of season 1. We have a new story, a new set-up, a new Anandi and lots of new characters as well with their own stories, which are incredibly bold and have never been shown on television before. 

Sureka Sikri was an integral part of the show. Do we have a similar character like her in this season? 

The demise of Sureka Sikri is a personal loss for me as well as for the entire industry. She will always be missed by the nation, however, none of the characters in this season resembles her character in the previous season.

Who was the most difficult character to sketch? 

The most difficult part was to create a new Anandi. It was an extremely challenging task, and the big question was, who would play the role of new Anandi.