Surabhi Das debuts in 'Nima Denzongpa', a new TV show that captures the life of a North East girl in Mumbai 

Surabhi Das plays Nima Denzongpa in the eponymous TV show on colours

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Suresh and Nima in Nima Denzongpa

Surabhi with her co-star in Nima Denzongpa

Assamese actor Surabhi Das makes her much-awaited debut on national television in India this August. The actress from Assam plays the title role in the show Nima Denzongpa that will be broadcast on the popular Hindi entertainment channel Colors from August 23. Surabhi plays the role of a girl from Sikkim who falls in love with a Marathi boy and shifts to Mumbai to be with him. However, her character has to deal with discrimination and face deep-rooted prejudices. Surabhi who has in real life too travelled all the way from the North East to Mumbai, albeit to make a career in the Hindi television industry, speaks about her debut and the challenges she has dealt with:

What was your reaction when you were told that you will be part of Nima Denzongpa?

I couldn’t believe it at first and thought that someone is playing a prank on me. I gave the audition without any expectation and came to Mumbai from Assam for two days, and now, it’s been two months.

Nima Dengzongpa
Surabhi Das

Do you think it’s a big responsibility given that actors from North East are underrepresented in the industry?

NE has an abundance of talent but because of a lack of platforms and opportunities, we cannot showcase it. However, I hope things will change soon and that does make me feel that it’s a big responsibility. It’s like God has chosen me and I am being able to do something for my family and for my people. And I am quite proud of it. The show will highlight the struggle of a North East girl in a prime Indian city and I hope we will be able to give out a positive message. 

Tell us about your character Nima Denzongpa.

Nima is a loving and caring girl who has never been out of Sikkim. After falling in love with Suresh she leaves her family and goes to Mumbai and faces things she had never imagined she would. Her real journey begins when she overcomes all odds.

We presume you were able to relate to your onscreen character...

At many levels, Nima was Surabhi. But this could be the story of any other girl or boy from the North East. I could relate to her pain and struggles in certain sequences of the show like the ones involving racial discrimination and name-calling.