Actress Anindita Bose on web series Parnashavarir Shaap

Anindita plays the role of a doctor in the hair-raising scare thriller and we speak with her about the same.
Anindita Bose
Anindita Bose

After impressing us with her act as a vampire in Tooth Pari, stylish actress Anindita Bose, is back in the Bengali OTT space with the web series Parnashavarir Shaap. Directed by actor-filmmaker Parambrata Chattopadhyay, this horror thriller that will be streaming on Hoichoi from November 10 has an impressive ensemble cast, and marks the debut of actor Chiranjeet Chakraborty in the web world.

Anindita plays the role of a doctor in the hair-raising scare thriller and we speak with her about the same.

Why did you say yes to Parnashavarir Shaap?

First, I was excited to get a call from Parambrata, with whom I had previously worked with as an actor. That he was directing something in the horror genre, where I have never worked before, was thrilling enough for me to say yes. I loved his work as a director in films like Sonar Pahar and Hawa Bodol and this series was a perfect one for me. Also, when he told me that it would also be actor Chiranjeet's debut web series, it seemed very interesting.

I also got to work with such phenomenal actors as Arno Mukherjee and Surangana Banerjee for the first time.

Tell us about your role.

I play Titas, a general physician and I am like a support system for all the other characters. She has a maternal instinct and tries to salvage the situation whenever she senses danger and ensures things are better. When they visit the mountains and the situation gets out of hands, the way she manages to tackle the situation and keep everybody calm is very interesting.

Do you like watching horror content?

It’s actually the opposite, I am dead scared of horror films and series. I freak out if I watch any horror content. The last film I watched was Paranormal Activity and I couldn't stay alone for a month after watching it. I had to shift to my aunt's place and stay there till I overcame my fear. So, acting in this particular series gave me a kind of sadistic pleasure since I got the chance to freak others out of their wits (laughs).


Your upcoming projects?

I will be filming a Hindi web show for ZEE5 and there's also a Hindi film I will start shooting for from November end.

How will you be spending your Diwali?

I will be in Mumbai for sure and will attend a house party at a friend’s home. We will be playing poker, which is like a ritual for the past 10 years. I also love eating a lot during Diwali but sadly I am on a special diet for a project this whole month and I cannot eat sweets. So, it will be a sweetless Diwali for me this time.

Your Diwali fashion?

I will wear something traditional. Since I’ve worn a lot many saris during Durga Puja, I will be wearing an Anarkali or an angarakha or lehenga with a lot of kundan jewellery.

Parnashavarir Shaap is streaming on Hoichoi

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