What's on OTT this week (September 1-7): Virgin River,  I Am Groot and more

Come September OTT platforms bring the adventures of Groot, docuseries on seven OTE (Overtime Elite) players and more
What's on OTT this week (September 1-7): Virgin River,  I Am Groot and more
What's on OTT this week (September 1-7): Virgin River,  I Am Groot and more

Superhero: I Am Groot 
Marvel Studios’s cutest superhero is back for the second season. The five-episode shorts will see Groot escape on an adventure through different galaxies where he rides a spaceship, plays in the snow and does all sorts of cute and mischievous things. September 6. On Disney+ Hotstar. 

Drama: Virgin River 
This upcoming 12-episode series picks up from where season four left. The latest season will feature new relationships, a shocking breakup, a court trial, a difficult goodbye and a wildfire that puts the town at risk. This will bring some people of the Virgin River together while also tearing apart others. September 7. On Netflix. 

Mystery: Dear Child 
Lena was separated from her parents 13 years ago. Now, she lives in isolation in a very secure home with two other children, Hannah and Jonathan. While she tries to escape, her car crashes and she is admitted to a hospital along with Hannah, where she reunites with her parents. September 7. On Netflix.

Sports: One Shot: Overtime Elite 
This six-episode docuseries provides an inside look into seven OTE (Overtime Elite) players who are looking to rewrite history and make it to the league. Overtime Elite is a professional basketball league for 16 to 20 year olds, based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The seven players include The Thompson Twins, Somto Cyril, Jahki Howard, Bryce Griggs, Trey Parker and El Ellis. September 5. On Amazon Prime Video. 

Biography: Scam 2003: The Telgi Story  
The second instalment from the Scam franchise, the series is based on the 2003 India Stamp Paper Counterfeiting scam by Abdul Karim Telgi. The series has been inspired by Sanjay Singh’s book Telgi Scam: Reporter’s Ki Diary. The cast includes Gagan Dev Riar, Mukesh Tiwari and Sana Amin Sheikh amongst others. September 1. On Sony LIV. 

Action: The Wheel of Time 
Lead actor Rosamund Pike returns to reprise her role as Moiraine Damodred for the upcoming second season. Fans of the series can expect a new set of villains for the coming season. The first season is based on the book The Eye of the World, which is the first book from The Wheel of Time series. The second season is likely to be based on The Great Hunt. September 1. On Amazon Prime Video. 

Thriller: The Freelancer 
Avinash Kamath, an ex-cop who turned mercenary, takes up the job of rescuing Aliya, a newly married girl, who is trapped in war-torn Syria amidst growing ISIS terrorism. The series is based on the book A Ticket To Syria. Mohit Raina plays the role of Avinash Kamath. Other names include Anupam Kher and Kashmira Pardeshi. September 1. On Disney+ Hotstar. 

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