Madhurima Basak on Lady Queen Gents Parlour

Madhurima’s second tryst with Addatimes’, the web show will see actors like Kharaj Mukherjee, Madhurima Basak, Manasi Sinha, Joey Deb Roy, Rohan Bhattacharya in new avatars.
Madhurima Basak
Madhurima Basak

Addatimes’ latest web series Lady Queen Gents Parlour, sees actor Madhurima Basak as Nishigondha, who aspires to be a hairstylist. But the moment she decides to take care of men's hair only, the problems start pouring in from all corners. Would she be able to win this fight by going against the general norms of the society, forms the crux of the original web series, a directorial by Sagnik Chatterjee. This marks the second series of Madhurima Basak after Gentleman which streams on Addatimes. We sat down for an extensive chat at Soul-The Sky Lounge with 'Nishigondha' Madhurima Basak. Excerpts:

What’s the web show all about?

My character Nishigondha was sent abroad to study hospitality management but she ends up learning hairstyling. Her passion and dream is to open a boutique salon where she’ll only cut the hair of the men. Society starts behaving unpleasantly with her as she wants to take hairstyling as her profession. She faces a lot of tempestuous time at her home where they refer to her as ‘Napith’. 

On the other hand, we can see another family where the father figure, Madhai Babu (Kharaj Mukherjee) was a much-celebrated hairstylist who had a joyous time cutting hair and owned a salon of his own. He ends up shutting his salon because of his family’s peer pressure. 

The journey starts when Nishigondha and Madhai Babu meet and decide to do everything for their passion; opening a salon. Nishigondha and Madhai Babu’s ambition is to revive his old salon which was shut down. But why Nishigondha is interested in cutting only men’s hair is hidden in the show itself!

How relatable is the character?

Very relatable I would say. Family members and elderly people around us become worried whenever any woman, and even for that matter any man tries to do something out of the box. Even I faced it when I said that I wanted to become an actor. I think any sensible person would be able to relate.

Starting your journey from television, how’s your journey working for web shows?

I have enjoyed thoroughly working on the web. You get a character, work hard for it for 15 days and get done with it, whereas in television, we have to keep playing the same character for 2-3 years, sometimes even more. It’s very difficult to play a character on television. We don’t realise how quickly our character might change.

Madhurima as Nishigondha
Madhurima as Nishigondha

How does Madhurima take care of her hair?

I try to oil my hair once a week and use a good shampoo and conditioning. I think for us deep conditioning is very important since we go through harsh light and styling almost every day. 

What are you doing right now? 

I am taking a teeny-weeny break. I am watching stuff, reading, and taking Hindi classes. I am also going for my dance classes diligently. 

What’s your diet like?

Trust me, I eat everything, and quite a lot. It’s just that I have a high metabolic rate. I just try to keep my dinner light, but on days, I even order in at 3.30 at night.

What’s fashion for you?

Whatever I am comfortable in, that may be anything, saree, shorts, dress, anything. But my go-to outfit would be denim and tee.

Upcoming works?

Nothing as of now. But I hope post-pujo I can have something in the pipeline.

The webshow is streaming now on Addatimes.

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