Cyrus Sahukar presents the new season of ‘It Happens Only in India,’ premiering tonight on NGC!

The new season of ‘It Happens Only in India’ on National Geographic Channel promises to bring audiences closer to India’s culture and rich heritage
Cyrus Sahukar co-hosts ‘It Happens Only in India’ on National Geographic Channel
Cyrus Sahukar co-hosts ‘It Happens Only in India’ on National Geographic Channel

We’ve seen him on MTV and he’s always been one of the country’s most-adored VJs and then he began appearing in movies and on TV and soon became a household name. From films like Om Jai Jagadish (2020) — his debut, to films like Rang De Basanti (2006), Delhi 6 (2009), Aisha (2010) and Khoobsurat (2014), we’ve also seen him playing popular roles on web-series like Mind The Malhotras on Amazon Prime Video. Cyrus Sahukar is no new name and he’s now back on the brand-new season of It Happens Only in India on the National Geographic Channel. We caught up with the entertainer to find out more about the show.

“We’ve travelled the length and breadth of India, trying to find stories of inspiration — culture, architecture, art, quirky or bizarre people, mystical conversations and stories — and tried to curate them into an explosive season where we present things that truly amaze and inspire our audience,” begins the actor and comedian who has also hosted the travel show The Great Escape on Fox Life with actor Kunal Kapoor.

Premiering tonight at 8 pm, the show hopes to bring forth amusing, unconventional stories around the mysteries of ancient India; innovations from the world of science and technology; and nature and fine craftsmanship. The series also hopes to introduce viewers to some of India’s most wondrous places, most unique local cuisines, most astounding mega structures and the most mesmerising art forms, from across the country.

Cyrus Sahukar co-hosts <em>It Happens Only in India</em> on <em>National Geographic Channel </em>
Cyrus Sahukar co-hosts It Happens Only in India on National Geographic Channel 

“Our country is full of surprises and I have always been intrigued by the many fascinating tales India has to offer. It Happens Only in India has been a wonderful experience and gave me an opportunity to be a part of the beautiful, unique stories of our country and share them with viewers in my own style,” adds Cyrus, who was last seen in Kaun Banega Shikarwati on Zee5.

The show will also see Shenaz Treasury as a co-host and will also showcase inspiring stories of talented innovators like the Mangoman of India, the Plogman of India and the famous Mumbra girls, amongst others.

“This show, blew my mind, because I got to realise that we, living in cities, have got this one way of living – and, it’s not our fault, we have to pay bills, we have ambitions; some our ours, some are forced upon us – and then I travel across India and meet such quirky and fascinating people and you come to realise that life can be lived in all sorts of ways. The level of happiness drawn from it is the same. Somebody sitting under a tree, eating a banana, can be as joyful as someone who bought a seven lakh rupee bag. It helped me realise that I don’t have to live by a prototype of existence. This show has taught me a lot,” concludes Cyrus.

Tonight, 8 pm on National Geographic Channel.

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