Sharman Joshi makes a comeback with Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Film Ouch 2

The fifteen minute comical short film released on YouTube today

Raima Ganguly Published :  14th March 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  14th March 2023 12:00 AM

Clipping from Ouch 2

Filmmaker Vaibhav Mutha’s latest outing Ouch 2 starring Sharman Joshi, Nidhi Bisht and Shefali Jariwala released today. The Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Film project is a fifteen minute laughter riot that exposes a deceitful two-timer man named Sudeep to his wife and girlfriend simultaneously. While Nidhi steps into the role of Sudeep’s wife, Shefali comprises the role of his girlfriend. The film sheds light on extra-marital affairs through a humorous lens.


Poster of Ouch 2

The tale unfolds in the City of Dreams- Mumbai during the wee hours of the night and begins with the philanderer Sudeep on his way to reach his girlfriend Tanya back home after a long day at work. As Sudeep cheekily calls Tanya after dropping her home, he is interrupted by numerous calls from his wife whose name reflects as Mummy Ji on his phone. It is because he engages in a telephonic conversation while driving, he gets pulled over by a cop. Sudeep fails to realise that Tanya is still on hold, while he is speaking to his wife. Both the calls get merged amidst the hullabaloo bringing Sudeep’s extra-marital adventures to a screeching halt. The story traces his fate from this point onwards.

“Bringing out the complexities of an extra-marital affair within a screen-time of fifteen minutes is not an easy task. Vaibhav has done a great job to bring the shades out in a comical way within this short span of time. Each of the Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films is unique in its own way and I’m elated that Ouch 2 is a part of the ventures,” shares Sharman.



“Neeraj Pandey’s Ouch sets the base for Ouch 2, and the former released as a part of Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films venture too, seven years back. While the theme of extra-marital affairs is common, I enjoyed the challenge of reintroducing the plot with unconventional twists. It’s been a pleasure working with an ensemble cast and the outstanding Friday Storytellers team,” adds Vaibhav.

Ouch 2 is streaming on Royal Stag Barrel Select’s Large Short Films’ Youtube channel.