Devangshi Sen on her dream debut, Karmma Calling

We speak to her to learn about her role in the show, what similarities she shares with her onscreen character Mira Kothari and more.
Devangshi Sen
Devangshi Sen

Devangshi Sen, who debuts on OTT in the just-released web series Karmma Calling is on a roll. She played Raveena Tandon’s screen daughter Mira Kothari in it. Devangshi’s acting journey took off with stage musicals. “I felt so alive when I performed on stage,” she says. A passionate dancer, Sen is trained in ballet, Bharatanatyam, jazz funk, hip hop, Bhangra and Bollywood steps. We speak to her to learn about her role in the show, what similarities she shares with Mira and more. Excerpts:

Tell us about your character Mira Kothari. How was it working with Raveena?

Mira is the youngest member of the most powerful Kothari family of Alibaug. She is naive, bubbly, intelligent and free-spirited. She’s a popular social media influencer, but often feels lonely. Mira’s father is always travelling, her brother is living his own life, and she has a strained relationship with her mother. If there are more seasons, we will see more of how Mira’s emotional journey is affected by the turmoil of being a Kothari.

Working with Raveena Tandon was a lovely experience. She was so kind to me throughout that I was more relaxed than nervous in the scenes with her. One of the first scenes I shot with her was in Indrani’s (Raveena’s character) boudoir. For some reason, I was nervous that day and after the first take I was off. Raveena could sense that my energy was low and encouraged me to pull myself up. I took some deep breaths and performed with so much more energy and charisma in the next take that she praised me to no end.


Does your onscreen character match with you (in real life)?

I think the cheerful side aligns with me. However, I think Mira is bolder and more confident than I actually am, especially the way she dresses up and speaks. I’d love to learn to be more confident like Mira. Also, she and I, both wear our emotions on our sleeves which makes us lead our life more honestly but at the same time making it very complicated.

Any upcoming projects?

I’m currently working on another web series with an element of music in it. I’d love to play a heroine one day, in a typical, commercial Bollywood film. I would also like to play a character suffering from mental health issues, a topic that’s so close to my heart and I believe it is becoming increasingly important in today’s day and age. A comedy would also be amazing.

Karmma Calling is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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