Actors Anindya and Debchandrima open up about their new web series 

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Anindya and Debchandrima
Anindya and Debchandrima

Budding filmmaker Arijeet Toton Chakrabarty’s new web series Preme Pora Baron, which released around Valentine’s Day last week and has Anindya Sengupta and Debchandrima Singha Roy in the lead, revolves around their journey in love. dealing with the challenges and inner struggles of the characters, the series tries to give love a new perspective. We catch up with the lead pair as they tell
us how different their reel avatars are, and more.

Why Preme Pora Baron in the season of love?

Anindya: It’s obvious it has something to do with a love story. Why is something being forbidden on the day of love? Just to create this intrigue. Maybe it’s a creative choice.

Debchandrima: It’s because of a special reason that the series is titled so. The narrative has a love story, objections to it, and more. Why is it named so, one can understand once they watch the series.

Tell us  about your characters.

Anindya: Rono is a rough guy. He comes from an affluent background. He is educated. But he is kind of toxic and he has a certain entitlement regarding it and he has fallen in love.

Debchandrima: I play Mitul who is a quiet and obedient girl. She listens to her parents. She cannot express her emotions very well and falls in love with the neighbourhood guy Rono and finds it tough to explain her choice  to her family.

How similar or different are you from your reel-life characters?

Anindya: I believe I’m very different. I’m sure there are traits of toxicity in me as well just like in any other human being. Maybe toxic is a strong word. There are moments of anger where any person is vulnerable to an emotion. But I would love to believe I’m as far away from him as possible except that we were wearing a few good clothes.

Debchandrima: I am very expressive, unlike Mitul. She is very quiet which I am not.

Since none of you are like the characters that you play, what preparation did you take to step into them?

Anindya: It’s a nice question but it’s also a luxurious question for someone acting in the Bengali film industry because we don’t have the resource which is the reality. We can sit and crib about it, we do sometimes. However, we have to do the best we can in the given circumstances. For me, there was an advantage because I haven’t played a character like this or close to this on screen. I thought if I was this person how would I have spoken or behaved under the given circumstances? So I learned my lines and tried doing that. If I get another character like this in the future then I have to figure out something new because otherwise, it would be a repetition. Also, at the end of the day, it’s our job. So no matter how much we intellectualise it or think about it creatively, we also need to go and deliver to the best of our capability.

Debchandrima: I used to keep in mind that I had to speak softly or walk slowly. I could most definitely not be myself while playing Mitul. The director used to remind me to be Mitul because Debchandrima is the opposite.

What does modern-day love mean to you?

Anindya: Love is Love. It keeps on evolving. With every individual story you know that it’s different from the next one. It’s always unique between two or more people. We have finally officially recognised at least in educated circles that polyamory or polygamous exists as well. There are so many layers.

Debchandrima: I agree. Maybe our thoughts or way of expressing love changes but it varies person to person.

Any kind of roles that you want to experiment with in the future?

Anindya: I want to play every kind of character possible. I have been fortunate enough and grateful for this, that so far in my acting career I haven’t had a repetition of character.

Debchandrima:  I want to play a blind character. It’s inspired by Rani Mukherji’s Black.

Your spring/ summer fashion essentials

Anindya: As part of my outside clothing denim and a mono-coloured T-shirt and otherwise I’m very comfortable in shorts or tracks and T-shirts. I’m comfortable in good-looking clothes.

Debchandrima:  I am most comfortable in jeans and a top.

Your upcoming works…

Anindya: Oti Uttam is awaiting release.

Debchandrima: Parineeta

Preme Pora Baron is currently streaming on addatimes

Photographs by Pritam Sarkar 

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