Vaani Kapoor to make series debut with Mandala Murders

The action packed crime thriller sees Kapoor in a never-before seen role
A still from the series
A still from the series

Vaani Kapoor is all set to make her series debut this year with the Mandala Murders directed by Gopi Puthran. From the name one can gauge that it seems to be an action-packed thriller with murder, mystery, action and edge of the seat turning points.

The first poster of the series
The first poster of the series

Detective Rea Thomas and Vikram Singh are pushed towards a dark realm which encapsulates within itself bone-chilling murders. But are these murders randomly taking place or do they a mastermind who is meticulously planning them? What more, centuries old secrets are linked with these murders and as the detective duo start unfolding and crime and entering deep into it, they find themselves sucked into a world straight from a century old secret society. Mandala Murders is a deeply adventurous series which sucks into it the villain, victims, detectives and survivours; and of course along with them, the audience attention.

Director and creator Gopi Puthran comments, “Mandala Murders is a genre-bending crime thriller that will shock and awe you. We want to build as much intrigue as possible around the show before it releases. Hence, the first glimpse is specifically designed to heighten the mystery that shrouds Mandala Murders. We're excited to invite the audience into this exciting world that we have created, which promises to take the viewers on an immersive, adrenaline-fueled journey on Netflix."

The Mandala Murders is a joint creation out of the partnership of Netflix and Yash Raj Films and we can not wait for it to release soon.

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