Actors Ruchi Gujjar and Rahul Datta team up for Forever Yours 

 The short film talks about the delicate balance between career and relationships
Forever Yours will start streaming shortly
Forever Yours will start streaming shortly

Actors Ruchi Gujjar and Rahul Datta will be seen together in the upcoming short film called Forever Yours. The film highlights the complexities of contemporary modern life.

Datta who assumes the dual role of an actor and director for the movie comments, "The complexities of juggling career ambitions and long-distance relationships are a rising trend, echoing Pooja Pandey's [writer] insightful observation. It's estimated that a staggering 80% of young people navigate these very challenges, making it a relatable scenario in today's society. The short film will chronicle the journey of a girl navigating between her career and relationship."

The narratives weaves between the delicate balance between an ambitious career and relationship which needs trust, time, patience and adjustments to blossom, Forever Yours deals in a subject relatable to the audience. 

Ruchi who plays one of the leads comments, "I've seen many of my friends struggle with balancing careers and relationships. This story about a girl navigating this challenge was fascinating, and I think Rahul and I have great on-screen chemistry. We're excited to see our pairing on OTT soon!"

Forever Yours will start streaming on Eros Now shortly.

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