Debasree Roy debuts on OTT with Chemistry Mashi

It is scheduled to be released soon
Debasree Roy
Debasree Roy

The advent of the OTT has been a game-changer for several yesteryear actors. It’s time for Debasree Roy to make a comeback! Affectionately called Kolkatar Rosogolla she will soon be seen in Chemistry Mashi on hoichoi. She has captivated the audience with her acting prowess for years and fans are eagerly waiting to have her back on screen through the digital scape.

Talking about her role Roy mentions, “Returning to the set after a prolonged break evokes a sense of homecoming for me. I have consistently maintained a high level of diligence in selecting and committing to my projects, resulting in my wholehearted dedication to each endeavor I undertake. I must express my gratitude for the fantastic experience of making my debut on the OTT platform. It was truly an exceptional collaboration.” 

 Chemistry Mashi borders on the much-needed question of identity and dignity for women above fifties who after marriage and raising children are still on the lookout for their ‘likes and passion’. Sucharita played by Roy takes on the challenge of traversing this path and goes back to her passion for Chemistry. She starts her online channel called Chemistry Mashi and looks into decoding the subject in a unique and relatable manner for students.

But the dark cloud comes lurking over when questions suggested by her match with an examination paper. The narrative thereafter takes a turn when she stands up for herself and fights against the powerful system to prove her innocence.

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