Things that make Raima- Ritwick starrer Kolonko a great watch

Director Abhimanyu Mukherjee touches upon the thin line between action and inaction and their respective consequences in his new web series
Raima in a still from the series
Raima in a still from the series

Raima Sen and Ritwick Chakraborty pair up opposite each other as the seemingly happy couple Chaiti and Rangan with two children Piya and Leo, in Abhimanyu Mukherjee’s latest web series Kolonko which is streaming already. This psychological thriller delves deep into the consciousness of human mind and its functioning when an unwanted truth strains the couple’s relationship. Kolonko tries to answer several questions, especially from the realm of infidelity and truth, and thus sums up to be a mature take on contemporary relationships.

When Chaiti gets to know of her husband’s extra-marital affair, she seems to be the most composed woman on the planet demanding to be told the truth, always. But is it always viable to tell the truth and to what extent? Bordering on this narrative is the 8-episode-long series and Indulge gives you reasons to make Kolonko your weekend watch.

Honesty is the Best policy?

College sweethearts Chaiti and Rangan make a pact that if anyone would ever be attracted to another person, they would tell each other nothing but the absolute truth. When Rangan goes on to tell the same to Chaiti, it gives rise to the question is Honesty always the best policy? Can raw honesty be accepted in a relationship which might be on a verge of breaking down?


The mind is a strange place in itself. A second in real world can be a prolonged duel with oneself in the mind’s world. In the narrative, all characters are often confronted by their consciousness, the voice which guides them to act or not to take any necessary action at all. It just brings forth how deep conversations usually happen with oneself and in the mind. These conversations sow the seeds of behavior in an individual. Also, every individual have their own consciousness and mind, under the influence of which they act. Even if sometimes chalks out a future, it can be turned completely upside down with the interference of an individual’s mind.

Child Psychology

An extremely crucial point of the series is the way the children discover the truth about their parents and their reactions to it. It is also a comment on a parent-children relationship and how discord in marital relationships affects the lives of everyone in the family which is presumably visible through behavioral changes. 

Self –Doubt

When one faces the reality of a relationship crumbling down, self-doubt inadvertently creeps in. A dangerous prospect, it not only gives rise to questions like ‘What is my worth?’ but also gives way to overthinking which can sometimes make an individual tread on the dangerous line of eccentricity.

Latent Sexuality

Abhimanyu interestingly also touches upon the topic of latent sexuality which sometimes leads individuals to act in strange ways arousing doubts. With sexuality and orientation still being suppressed in familial arrangements, it becomes claustrophobic and frustrating leading to cracks in a relationship.

Mukherjee plays very well with the concept of mind games in the series which is just accentuated by the brilliant acting by Raima and Ritwick. Mention has to be made of Beas Dhar who portrayed Piya. Supporting actors Srijla Guha, Gaurav Chakraborty and Ambarish Bhattacharya too added sufficient inputs from their ends. Several episodes were left with cliffhangers which are bound to make you move on to the next episode quickly. Mukherjee’s brilliance lies in the non-judgmental interpretation of the concept and starting a much-needed conversation in the mainstream channel. 

Kolonko is streaming on hoichoi !

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