Satyam Bhattacharya
Satyam Bhattacharya

Actor Satyam Bhattacharya speaks about his role in Cabaret

The actor plays a layered character in the web series. 

Satyam Bhattacharya will don many hats in the role of Swarup for his next web series, Cabaret. We catch up with the versatile actor to learn more about the character.

What made you say yes to essaying Swarup?

There are many stages of his life that we get to see. For an actor, it’s a delight to live the various stages of a character- when he is active as a Naxalite, when he runs away from it and works as a waiter, and lastly when he falls in love with Miss Elina. When all three character graphs coincide in the climax, the complexity of the situation created is delightful for an actor to portray.

What sets Swarup apart from your other characters?

I have never played a Naxal or a waiter before. I have played a Swadeshi, a villain, and even taken up a comic role but this character who is a lover and a revolutionary is complex. It’s very new and intrigued me.

What kind of nuances of the 70s did you live through Swarup’s character?

Except for some books on cabaret, there’s not much literature documented about the Naxal period. Whatever we know, is through the script, theatre, and cinema, which depicted the times. These were the basic references. But the two parallel lifestyles- Naxal and Bourgeois- are juxtaposed well in the series.

Is there anything that you want to bring back from that period today?  

I want that passion among the youth for causes to return. Today that is missing since we have almost drowned ourselves in smartphones. Bringing that back can prove a big point regarding what youth can do in a country. I would want that Bourgeois style –wearing suits, carrying pipes and cigars – that to come back.

Do you think the advent of OTT has emboldened regional industries to experiment with creative roles?

Absolutely. I think creators, writers, and directors should go all out now because it’s high time to experiment. We don’t know if in the future there will be censorship on OTT. As long as it’s not there, all kinds of content that one can work with, they should. Today Cabaret, which could have been seen in cinema, is available at people’s fingertips. Since we have this option we should utilise it the most. 

Cabaret releases today on addatimes