Actress Tasnia Farin on her latest web film Osomoy

The actor opens up about her latest web series and talks about her role
Tasnia Farin
Tasnia Farin

Actress Tasnia Farin is back after a gap with another stellar performance in Osomoy, a Bengali web film that was recently released on Bongo. Directed by Kajal Arefin Ome, the film delves into a contemporary real-life story through an intricate plot. The narrative unfolds around Urbee (played by Tasnia), a university student, who unwittingly gets entangled in a murder. Accused of involvement in a crime ring extorting immoral money from influential figures in society, Urbee's innocence is questioned. We chatted with Tasnia about the same. Excerpts.

How does it feel that Osomoy is getting appreciated by all?

It feels great that Osomoy is getting accepted by the audience. After Karagar (web series), I did not get such a response for a long time on this scale. You know a project has clicked when people around you, who usually do not watch Bengali content, watch and like it.

What attracted you most about the role?

It’s the naivety of the girl Urbee and her innocence and before you know it, you get swept off into a world of deceit and show-off which is relatable to many including me. I was a lot like her when I first came to Dhaka – a metropolitan city makes you different as a person, you only realise that when you go outside the city.

Tell us how you have prepared for the role?

I didn’t take any kind of preparation apart from losing a few kilos to look a little younger. It was more mental -- I read the script, had a lot of discussions with the director and it was more like having a trip down the memory lane. I was like her – naïve and had dreams and hopes which suddenly started changing – though my experience wasn’t as negative as hers. You just start thinking in a new way when you are in a new crowd and start moving with newer groups of people. While preparing for Urbee, I was trying to garner those very memories buried inside me and tried to relate them to her.

What kind of roles interests you the most as an actor?

I like playing characters that come with mental challenges and are not straight out black and white or grey. They should be hard enough for me to decipher and interesting enough for me to want to know more and more about them. There should be a certain mystery to them. One character I would like to play is that of a serial killer. I would love to delve into the mental state of a serial killer.

Any upcoming work in Tollywood?

I was supposed to do a film this January called Patri Chai, directed by Biplab Goswami. But it got pushed and I am waiting for new dates.

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