The digital How To Gear up series of talks is a glimpse into the making of the Serendipity Arts Festival

author_img Ana M Published :  18th June 2020 05:05 PM   |   Published :   |  18th June 2020 05:05 PM

Ruchi Jain

As part of their How To series, Serendipity Arts Foundation 2020, hosts How to Gear Up. The series will give you a sneak peek into the secret world behind the making of Serendipity Arts Festival through pictures, conversations around production and technology, and engaging discussions around grant-making practices, and healthier and sustainable living. Here is the schedule:

1.  Flying High: The World of Aerial Rigging. A talk by Avishkar Tendle
Tracing the journey from the inception of Natura to its present-day form, this session will lay out foundational precepts of aerial rigging
June 18, at 3 pm on Zoom, or on Facebook Live

2. Light for Art & Light as Art. A talk by Linus Lopez and Lyle Lopez
A dive into our toolbox of skills and share our experiences lighting different art venues across the country.
On June 19, at 3 pm on Zoom, or on Facebook Live

3. New Futures: Grant-making Practices for the Contemporary
A Conversation between the jury members Dayanita Singh, Devika Singh, Ravi Agarwal, and Tanzim Wahab. This conversation will focus on redefining and better understanding grant-making approaches 
On June 19, at 5 pm on Zoom, or on Facebook Live

4. The Backstage Theory: Building the Festival as We Know It.  A conversation between Manoj Gopalani and Abhishek Mehta
This session aims to throw light on the “homework” which goes behind planning, executing and managing a world-class event or festival. 
On June 20, at 3 PM IST on Zoom, or on Facebook Live

5. How to Live a Guilt-free, Zero-waste Life. A workshop conducted by Ruchi Jain, TARU Naturals
The workshop will have insightful DIY tips to give a holistic view on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 
On June 20, at 5 pm on Zoom, or on Facebook Live