Experimental drinks, rustic plating and familiar flavours make The Old Fashioned Bar stand out! 

A newly opened 60's themed bar provides a wistful escape from reality, especially with their selection of craft cocktails. 

In a city full of craft beer, the charming old-world tavern, The Old Fashioned Bar has shaken and stirred us with its extensive and well thought out combinations of craft cocktails.

A coffee shop or workspace during the day, this spacious two-floored restaurant transforms into an easy-going haunt in the evenings. We love how it boasts warm emeralds and reds, and vintage-themed yellow lights. Its artistic touches also involve vintage alcohol pop art posters and antique props like wooden ship wheels.

As Mad Men fans, we felt like we dropped into their universe as we casually ordered from their ‘Old Fashioned Menu’ remembering to raise a toast to Don Draper. Of the options that included Jalapeno, Oleo Saccharum, Juniper and Cuban, our pick was Cuban. It is served with a rolled cigarette of thyme and rosemary on the rim.

Mint Old Fashioned 
Mint Old Fashioned 

Comfort first

From the food menu, we started with Thai Tossed Peanuts and Chicken Nippat Masala which proved to be a spicy combination with our drinks. We also got the Malabar Beef Dry Fry, which was a nice traditional touch to the starters. Next was the Malwani Prawn Koliwada and the Howrah Express. We really enjoyed the bite-sized prawn poppers. Because it was minced and they just melted in our mouth!

For our second round of drinks we chose the The Gin Basil Smash, which has an addictive combination of fresh basil and gin swirl. We paired the drinks with The Old Fashioned Chicken Wings. While we’ve had many chicken wings in our day, this takes first place for its beautiful whiskey marination. We also loved the indulgent B Se Bannur from the grill. Made with lamb sourced from Bannur, known for its premium meat, the chops were grilled in a mint, rosemary, garlic and spice marinade and was served with an impressive potato mash.

Seekh Kebab
Seekh Kebab

The grand finale

We ended our meal with The Prohibition Era Dessert, a dark chocolate mousse cake laced with whiskey. But right before we left, we were rallied into trying a shooter called the Will And Pill — a duo of shooters, one with whiskey and the other with pomegranate juice and house-infused pickled brine. We couldn’t have praised it enough throughout the rest of the night. One interesting fact at The Old Fashioned Bar is that they have a non-wastage policy and they keep thinking of creative ways to make things work, like using lemon grass stems as straws. With innovative drinks and a menu that spans multiple cuisines, this place has a lot to offer.

1,500++ for two. At 80 Feet Road, Koramangala

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