Gauri Himatsingka's newest collection is all about stunning, easy wearability

Gauri Himatsingka’s fashion jewellery line-up is all about individualistic statement bling featuring adventurous, semi-precious stones and silhouetted designs

author_img   |   Published :   |  11th October 2019 07:55 PM

Rukmini Maitra wears a stunning gold hoop by Gauri

When it comes to experimental fashion jewellery, we’re ready to go the full mile, and Gauri Himatsingka’s eponymous label lets us just do that. From the most exotic stones to conceptual motifs, Gauri’s line-up is exceptionally diverse and ahead of the curve. For obvious reasons, the designer’s client base consists of some famous names from showbiz, from Rukmini Maitra to Swastika Mukherjee and Raima Sen.

An oversized gold and turquoise earring by Gauri

Her newest collection Amaltas is inspired by the flowers of the same name which we find on the golden shower trees, and is all about fierce and chunky cluster-like pieces. It is inspired by  nature and represents the perfect marriage between classic styles and modern edits.

A gold rush cuff by Gauri

“The collection incorporates chip/disc pieces fabricated and put together like cascades of Amaltas flowers coming to bloom. The collection is a refreshing mix of pieces which are simple and strong, and echoes a mood that is fragile yet bold,” Gauri tells us. The line-up is moody, stunning and extremely wearable, and could transform your daily wear look.

A stunning turquoise ear piece from the Amaltas collection

We found some chunky geometric metal chip studs featuring turquoise and champagne ADs, multi-layered garnet necklaces, rhodolite studs, cascading hashli chokers featuring jasper centrepieces, fantastic lapis lazuli neck collars, and a whole lot more. Exotic semi-precious gemstones are a huge draw for Gauri’s designs, and one of the reasons why her line-up stands apart from the mainstream fashion jewellery spectrum. 

Parno wears a drop earring by Gauri

“When I started out, the market was not that saturated when it comes to silver jewellery; now of course, everyone is very conscious. I don’t replicate my pieces, they are one-of-a-kind and limited edition, which makes my line-up quite exclusive. I love using malachite and jaspers and other variants of gems, most of which I source from Jaipur,” Gauri tells us.

A stylish neck piece from the Amaltas line-up

One of Gauri’s best-selling numbers is her hashli choker which resembles an open-ended cuff, featuring embellished edges. Interestingly, oversized and clingy statement studs and neck pieces are a huge hit this season, even on global runways as labels like Prabal Gurung, Lanvin, Gucci etc are taking bigger risks when it comes to experimental bling. 

“I feel like my customers don’t need an occasion to wear my pieces, they are so easy and wearable; you can wear it when you’re going for a coffee. I have tried some more elaborate pieces this season, for Durga Puja and Diwali, and I also do jewellery for kids and men, which is why my clientele ranges from 3 to 60,” the designer adds. Gauri's earrings start at Rs 4,000 and her neck pieces can cost you something around Rs 10,000, while her bracelets are priced at Rs 6,000 to Rs 7,000