Sanjana Baghel's Sa.Ba Designs is translating her love for modernist architecture into jewellery 

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Obnoxious Cube Earrings by Sa.Ba Designs

The millennial professional’s approach to workwear-friendly jewellery is steered almost entirely by functionality, but designer Sanjana Baghel has managed to introduce a sense of niche, modish experimentalism to the concept. Her label Sa.Ba Designs is exactly a year old and Baghel has made way for a curation of luxury bling that is anchored by her passion for architecture and gender fluid design movements.

“Architecture is the mind, body and soul of our designs. Fashion has never been a part of my educational background, so the industry was somewhat alien to me. SA.BA Designs was born in October 2019’ in Delhi, the idea came to me while I was pursuing my Masters. I even made a business plan on it in my final semester and ended up acing it. That was the eureka moment, when the architect in me came together with the entrepreneur in me,” Baghel tells us. We explored the unisex jewellery label further to understand its ethos.

Tell us about your newest collection

The Facade collection is an unisex line-up inspired by the linear and curvilinear patterns of architecture. We have combined gushy patterns with restrictive edges to give birth to this premiere edit that caters to all genders. We have metal bowties, metal pocket squares, pocket tuck ins, cufflinks, earrings and rings, the designs are minimal and sophisticated with a tinge of shimmer, that goes with almost every fashion memo. 

Tell us about your design process 

My designs are cultivated from free-hand sketches and then developed in 3D, after rounds of design augmentation. Our manufacturing team comprises about 10-15 people. Sometimes a design takes 2 weeks, and sometimes 3-4 months, for us the thoroughness is what matters the most. Most of our pieces are curated in 92.5 sterling silver and some of them are made of brass, depending on the usage of the product.

Shweta Tripathi wears the Obnoxious Cube earrings by Sa.Ba Designs

What are some of your biggest influences?

Architecture as a whole, of course. But to be specific, I’ve been a huge fan of European architecture, and elements of it are visible in my designs too. Apart from that, certain aspects of Zaha Hadid’s architectural language are also reflected on my designs, her work has been an inspiration. 

Has the Covid crisis affected your business in any way? Did you have to make some operational changes?

Of course, it has taken a toll on the entire fashion industry. From deliveries getting stuck to staff falling sick, SA.BA has seen it all, but we are coming out of it, stronger. Work has been totally different ever since, most of us work from home now and even in the manufacturing unit people have their designated space, with respective safety measures and guidelines are being followed.

Why do you think your jewellery does so well with millennials?

Our generation looks for something which fits well in more than one place and SA.BA caters to that thought completely. 80% of our designs are statement picks,which is why they stand out. Catering to men’s bling was a huge leap of faith that we took, and it turned out to be a USP for the brand