Prerna Rajpal of Amaris outlines the possibilities for buying luxury jewellery online

Have you explored Amaris' line-up, yet?

author_img U.Roy Published :  26th February 2021 10:45 AM   |   Published :   |  26th February 2021 10:45 AM

Have you explored Amaris' line-up, yet?

“The online buying space has to be a balance between digital perks and physical presence; this equilibrium is what we’ve been striving towards, especially since last November. We started selling online during the lockdown and this shift has been really well-received especially by young buyers. Not to mention, the possibilities it opens up for international shoppers are endless,” Prerna Rajpal of New Delhi-based jewellery label Amaris tells us. The ten-year-old label has an expansive lookbook that is not just in sync with current millennial priorities but also marks some new, functional options for luxury buying. 

Deepika Padukone is Amaris' Time Turner choker

Rajpal confirms millennial and Gen-Z buyers usually have an open mind about luxury shopping, albeit equipped with some pragmatic spending patterns. “Millennial buyers do want something interesting, fun and something that does have a certain resale value,” Rajpal remarks. Her curation has a steady balance between modernist, cocktail picks, stylised colour blocking and heritage designs with wearable updates. The Time Turner choker, for instance, that was recently spotted on Deepika Padukone, relies on an understated pastel colour palette, featuring three carved Colombian emeralds, and is flanked by delicate pearls and tanzanite accents. There’s a very keen urbanity even in Amaris’ most classical pieces and Rajpal shares that new-age fashion thinkers essentially want jewellery that is easy to style and yet discerning. 

The new I-Watch cases by Amaris

“A good example is our new diamond-studded I-Watch cases which did well with contemporary buyers and it’s so smart, it really makes you think what’s next. It’s interesting how haars or longline necklaces are making a comeback, and chokers are so trendy right now. But then again, I’ve noticed millennial buyers are going back to gold pieces since they are so adaptable,” Rajpal observes. Amaris’ website can function as a virtual handbook of aesthetic guidance for any aspiring stylist or novice buyers; designed like a diverse catalogue of workable looks and a detail-led index, the site has been designed to keep even the pickiest of buyers engaged for a long time.

“Online buying can never be exactly the same as offline buying, which is why there needs to be an assortment of mediums to help the buyer figure out what they want. For instance, we cater to video appointments, Whatsapp communication, online browsing and of course, a physical, shopping experience where buyers can drop by and look at the pieces themselves. Everything really has to come together, but think about the possibilities for international buyers who are ready to spend lakhs on Indian craftsmanship, and don’t really have access to authentic designs or contemporary pieces! For them, this shift towards a virtual medium has been something phenomenal because it has bridged a gap,” Rajpal weighs in. 

Amaris' Prerna Rajpal

After a decade in the desi jewellery spectrum, Rajpal can vouch for the merits of a non-conformist, genre-bending design language that is rooted in homegrown thought. “When I started out we didn’t really have any options for versatile, bridge jewellery. You either had budget brands or pieces that will burn a hole in your pocket and will make you do a double-take over its relevance. I wanted jewellery that is fun, yet doesn’t take away from the luxury experience and outlines something different than what has already been done in the design space,” Rajpal says. 

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