CrepDog Crew is the streetwear platform shaping hypebeast culture in the country

CrepDog Crew is a multi-verse of sneakers, streetwear and limited-edition collectables 

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CrepDog Crew

Left: CrepDog Crew Founders Anchit Kapil and Shaurya Kumar| Sweatpants and hoodies from Kanika Goyal's line

The first-ever Black Friday sale by streetwear marketplace CrepDog Crew was a hush-hush, register-only, drop sale, but managed to rake in Rs 18,00,000 in two days. 

Jordan 1 Travis Scott low-top sneaker
The popular Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 low-top sneakers feature a reverse Swoosh and has one of the most identifiable Air Jordan 1 silhouette| Available at CrepDog Crew

“These invite-only secret drops have contributed to our growth since it has kept the consumer engaged, and consolidated our connect with the community,” says Anchit Kapil, the founder of CDC, who personally owns around sixty pairs of sneakers. CrepDog Crew markets itself as a ‘multiverse’ of the most wanted sneakers and has been designed like a one-stop shop for hype styles. And we got Kapil to break down the workings of this trend-driven marketspace:

When did you know streetwear brands had takers in the country?

In early 2019 when the international streetwear scene was trending and making waves, we were a part of that clamour, we spotted a gap in the market for a platform where people like us could get a variety of sneakers and streetwear with assurances of trust, authenticity and great service.

Straight fit scuba pants
Straight fit scuba pants by homegrown label Warping Theories

How is the sneaker economy in India different from the rest of the world? 

The sneaker economy in India is at a nascent stage but it’s growing extremely fast, and the consumer demand is picking up pace. We understand the potential that this industry represents. The largest youth population and the shift from high-fashion to casual/streetwear are two factors that make this category very exciting. The limited-edition drops appeal to a select few but the appeal of sneakers isn’t restricted to just the privileged.

Yeezy Enfora
The ultra-minimalistic Yeezy Enfora slides

What are desi sneakerheads looking for?

The best steals! Sneaker culture is still on the rise, and the supply is currently pretty limited, so not everyone can get them as easily. As a result, people are looking for the best deals out there to get what they want. 

How do you feel about streetwear culture in the country, as a whole?

It’s beautiful. There is so much bonhomie within the sneaker/streetwear community. It’s a community that never sleeps, it’s a culture that’s extremely tight-knit and growing at a rapid pace. It’s a space where everyone is loved and everyone is constantly looking out for each other. We’re extremely happy to be at the centre of it. 

WFH shirt
WFH shirt by Vardi| Available at CDC

Did the economic slowdown of 2020 affect your sales? 

The pandemic affected us in some ways as it did most businesses but we’re very fortunate to be an e-commerce business and could afford to run our operations seamlessly. We’re a pandemic-born company and our focus from day one has been to meet our customers’ demands. 

With the lockdown over the past year, people are spending time at home and are now inclined more than ever to shop in investables. We’ve seen an uptick in certain categories of products moving faster. 

What are the biggest sneaker trends this season?

Trends change every few weeks as new drops are released but Air Jordans 1, Yeezy 350 and Yeezy slides are hype staples.

Details available at: @crepdogcrew on Instagram