World Environment Day 2021: A beginner’s guide to nature-loving labels

An easy starter’s guide to help you pick nature-loving fashion and beauty labels this Environment Day

author_img Ujjainee Roy Published :  04th June 2021 02:32 PM   |   Published :   |  04th June 2021 02:32 PM

On left: Guldasta Silk Cocktail Sari by Jodi; On right: Chemical-free honey from Pahadi Local

Green living in 2021 entails quite a bit of research but the modern consumer is nothing if not thorough. If someone is vigilant about sticking to eco-safe skincare essentials and responsible fashion, there are plenty of homegrown brands to choose from. Many lifestyle labels are committed to reducing carbon footprint, using non-toxic packaging and chemical-free formulas, and are transparent about their production. Curating a nature-loving beauty closet and wardrobe could be tricky, especially if you’re looking for labels that also give back to the environment and rural communities. But here’s a starter guide on the labels that are doing things right:

Conscious Chemist

The clean beauty label offers sustainable botanical skincare essentials made with naturally occurring components. The brand only uses non-toxic glass packaging that is tinted so UV rays don’t affect the potency of the formulas. Their matcha and hemp seed oil cleansers are big sellers.

Starts from 699


Matcha and hemp body cleanser by Conscious Chemist

The Tribe Concepts

This women-owned brand has earned quite a lot of cred in the clean beauty spectrum. All of their products are backed by Ayurveda and the label pursues a vigilant no-chemical policy. Everything from their collagen boosting serum to root strengthening hair mask is made with plant-based ingredients sourced from the soils of the Godavari Belt, which is a pesticide-free variant.

Starts from Rs 499

A collagen booster by The Tribe Concepts

Fae Beauty

This Peta-certified vegan beauty label is a hit with Gen-Z buyers. Founded by Karishma Kewalramani in 2019, the label prioritises clean ingredients and a gender fluid aesthetic. All their products are cruelty-free, fragrance-free and devoid of any toxic parabens. The brand is also very transparent about its production and lists every ingredient used in their products, and is best known for their one-of-a-kind formula that acts as brow gel, mascara, beard and hair filler

Starts from Rs 750

Too Dark Brow gel


This ethical fashion label is all about responsible production. All their numbers are handmade with age-old artisanal techniques and fabrics are all authentically sourced. The brand publishes a detailed history with each product that traces the origins of the fabrics and the supply chain and the website even lists all the karigars involved with the label’s production process.

Starts from Rs 3,730

Fatima Sana Shaikh in Jodi's Shalimar Silk Dress.


The upcycled label prioritises zero-waste fashion and is vigilant about engaging with local communities in Rajasthan and paying fair wages to the tailors. All the fabrics are sourced directly from the artisans and the brand’s ethos is driven by empowerment of craftspeople. The label uses upcycling in various ways like sourcing deadstock fabrics and converting them into garments,  making buttons out of fabric-cutouts, using only hand-woven fabrics etc.

Starts from Rs 9000

Suzani hand embroidered shirt by Harago


The Peta-approved vegan label retails sustainable footwear as well as refurbishes old shoes for underprivileged kids. Till date, Greensole has successfully provided 3,32,000 shoes to kids in need and has also created employment opportunities for the women in rural areas. All shoes are hand-crafted in sustainable materials and ship in recyclable boxes.

Starts from Rs 1199


The luxury clothing label has implemented some very practical and easy sustainable policies to ensure a conscious production process. The label only works with surplus fabrics from warehouses to reduce carbon footprint, all pieces are made-to-order. A part of their factory runs on solar energy, reducing emissions and complying with factory norms and the label also offers a wide range of utilitarian options

Starts from Rs 3,000