EUME's vegan 'Dragonfly Series' is the perfect blend of fashion and function

Founder Naina Parekh chats with us about her inspiration for the collection, gaps in the luxury market, and what millennial customers are looking for 
From the Dragonfly collection
From the Dragonfly collection

EUME, which is a brand known for its 'massager backpacks', recently announced its foray into the ‘luxury fashion’ handbag segment. Their debut handbag collection - The Dragonfly Series is monogrammed with dragonfly motifs, which represent metamorphosis, happiness, and knowledge, ushering in a new wave of change in people's mindsets. Expect versatile creations that are both stylish and comfortable, echoing the current mood of the millennial generation.

It comprises women's handbags, gym bags, tote bags, sling bags, messenger bags, laptop carriers, duffle bags, wallets, belts, headbands, and scarfs. Fashion and function are the key aspects of the collection, founder Naina Parekh tells us over a chat.

Excerpts from the interview:

What inspired this collection?

When we decided to introduce our own handbag range, leather was a big no-no and we wanted a  cruelty-free product. Beyond religious sentiments, there is so much science that goes into creating a vegan product that does no harm to animals. Vegan products are also recyclable and sustainable and do not damage the environment. This became the inspiration for our Dragonfly Collection. We chose ‘dragonfly’ because it depicts happiness, adaptability, and vulnerability, all of which we have
come to value during the pandemic. Our thought was to introduce a range that gives consumers happiness. We have also introduced matching accessories like scarves, belts, and hair bands with the handbags.

How long did it take to come together from conception to launch?

I am very fond of handbags and have been studying the market in India for the last four to five years. The dedication of the team with research, design and development over nine months of the Dragonfly edition indicates a great deal of effort and commitment and we are proud of our one-of-its-kind collection of handbags and accessories.

How many bags are a part of the Dragonfly series?

We have a total of 15 kinds of bags in three colours each, displaying a flawless blend of high fashion aesthetics and bold head-turning hues. We have a wide range of Laptop bags, Duffle bags, handbags, cosmetic bags etc. and these monogrammed with dragonfly motifs. Every piece embodies adaptability, grace, wisdom, and joy, making each bag genuinely one-of-a-kind. It aims to be a game changer by adding newness in the products, which already exist in the Indian markets and fill in the gaps of luxury that millennial consumers need.

Fashion and function are both key elements. Could you elaborate on the latter?

Sure. Fashion and function are the key aspects of the collection. Consumers are always seeking out fashion that serve them with function as well. Functional fashion combines aesthetics with functionality. When it comes to functionality, we have given our bags amazing compartmentalization, without spoiling the aesthetics. The mantra is adaptation. In keeping with this, there is a 2-in-1 bag where users can either detach one element or carry both, depending on their needs. We also have multiple pouches and different sleeves so that every item in the bag is segregated. The Indian consumer has a lot of things to carry when they step out, so these take care of the functional aspect. We have also made sure that none of the products will make the bag bulge even if you stuff it, so as to not compromise on the aesthetics. We have also introduced a women’s massager backpack in the Dragonfly Collection

What is next?

We have new products lined up until April 2023, and every range will be different in aesthetics and functionality. We are also conducting technology-based research on new products that we wish to push into the third quarter. We also aim to set up our own flagship store in 2024.

INR 1,999 to 9,999.

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