Ekaya launches project to revive pre-owned saris

The textile brand launches ‘Second Chance’, a project to encourage patrons to resell and revive their collectibles
Ekaya launches project to revive pre-owned saris
Ekaya launches project to revive pre-owned saris

Celebrating their 10th year anniversary, renowned textile brand Ekaya Banaras has launched project ‘Second Chance’. To foster the reselling and revival of pre-owned textiles from the brand, Ekaya is inviting its patrons to not just rewear their saris in newer styles but also extend the lives of their collectibles in several ways.

One way to do that would be by selling pre-owned Ekaya saris. The patrons can give such saris to Ekaya, who will then assess them and sell it for them at a markdown price. Another way is to repurpose: customers can bring their sari to the store for Ekaya to transform it into an outfit of their choice!

In 2021, the brand introduced a capsule collection called ‘Revival’ saris, assessing heirloom saris of customers that are now too delicate to wear. After the evaluation, it can be transformed into a new sari altogether. Otherwise, patrons can simply restore their sari after the assessment.

Talking about her inspiration behind the project, Ekaya co-founder and creative director Palak Shah said, “A large part of my wardrobe today is focused on how I can rewear my Ekaya textiles…I seek out new styles I like instinctively and take a moment to consider what I can recycle and how can I ensure the investments I made into textiles I love always get a second chance. This project is dear to my heart in our continuous commitment to sustainability the Ekaya way.”

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