Khadar Nawaz Khan Road in Chennai welcomes the newly relocated Artt n Attire

The brand new Artt n Attire promises affordable exquisite collections and bespoke ensembles for the sartorially inclined

author_img Romal Laisram Published :  23rd June 2022 10:34 PM   |   Published :   |  23rd June 2022 10:34 PM
Interiors of the store | Chandni Agarwal & Shilpa Tibrewala

Interiors of the store | Chandni Agarwal & Shilpa Tibrewala

If you’re in Chennai and want to do some amazing shopping at standalone stores, Khadar Nawaz Khan in Nungambakkam has to be the place to be. With stores like Evoluzione and Tifara dotting the busy stretch, the relocated and expanded Artt n Attire also now finds a new home here.

What catches your attention first as you walk into the sprawling store is that the space is much larger than their previous address in Anna Nagar. Spread over 3,700 sq ft, the new location boasts of a much larger collection and will be seasonally stocked alongside year-long collections of occasion wear and exquisite saris from across the country.

Handloom expert and connoisseur Shilpa Tibrewala, following the footsteps of her father (who has a textile business in Guwahati, Assam) promises to stock the store with unique weaves and drapes. “This is a passion project above all else for me and so, I ensure I meet the weaver or designer and thoroughly look through what they have on offer, before deciding to stock them at the store. If we’re not happy with a collection later, we don’t think twice about sending it back. Quality comes first,” says Shilpa, whose introduction to the world of craftsmanship, weaving and textiles from a young age set the vision for Artt n Attire.

Joining her at this store is Chandni Agarwal, a family friend who was also planning to launch a boutique in the city, but decided to partner with Shilpa instead. “Artt n Attire is not just about fashion, it’s about the experience. We are with you at every step of the way — from looking through the design to figuring out the little details that finally lead to the perfect outfit. That’s what we’re about,” shares Chandni.

Expect expansive collections in occasion wear, evening wear and festive wear along with paithanis, kanjeevarams, banarasis and patolas; and contemporary and daily wear silhouettes from a curated list of designers. There’s also kurtas and bandi jackets for men. That apart, the store houses a wide variety of beautiful fabrics that can be designed into ensembles based on your personal preferences.

“Artt n Attire does not sell clothes, it sells taste. We seek to show our clients what this world of handicrafts, designs and fabrics has to offer for their style and we try and be their companion in finding a sense of self-expression through the clothes they choose,” Shilpa concludes.

INR 2,000 onwards. At Nungambakkam.