Madras Couture Fashion Week 2023 – Season 8 to be held in Chennai 

Here is a peep into what couturiers will be showcasing this season at the Madras Couture Fashion Week 2023

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Designer Suresh Menon

Designer Suresh Menon

Chennai is all set to witness the magic of fashion and glamour this weekend. The Madras Couture Fashion Week – Season 8 – will unfurl couture on the runway on Sunday, and a mélange of style spotters will grace the red carpet to see their favourite designers' catwalk shows.
Showcasing their creations are city-based designers Suresh Menon, Nikita Jain, some of the leading brands such as HF Journey, Page 3, and Lawrence & Mayo, and students from FIDA The Design School.

“There will be six shows that start from 7 pm and will end at 10 pm. Each show will have different sequences with top models, both male and female, from Chennai and Bangalore walking the ramp,” says Satish Jupiter of Jupiter Events, the curator of the show.

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Here is a peek into what the city-based young couturiers will be showcasing this season.

Akshara Haasan in one of Suresh Menon's creations

Indian wear to red carpet wear

A fashion designer, stylist and makeup artist, all rolled into one, Suresh Menon has won numerous accolades like the Youngest Fashion Designer Award 2016, Rising Fashion Stylist-Chennai, among others. He will be showcasing 15 to 20 designs on the runway.
The designer says, “I will be showcasing the best silhouettes from Indian wear to red carpet wear. They will be chic and classy with bold necklines and detailing. You will find a lot of lace, satin and handcrafted embroidered fabrics and heavily embellished nets on the runway.”

The butterfly effect 

Nikita Jain, an engineer-turned-fashion designer, and founder of the brand Titli, will be showcasing her collection titled Renee, which translates to ‘reborn’.  “Many clients express frustration with having to wear the same outfits repeatedly and not knowing how to repurpose them. Our team assists in transforming and reusing these outfits while also considering current fashion trends. We strongly advocate for sustainability and recycling practices,” she elaborates on her inspiration behind the collection.
The collection follows the lifecycle of a butterfly, starting with nudes and beiges and gradually adding colours before finishing with black and a touch of sparkle. “The pieces are incredibly versatile, with a variety of silhouettes that can be styled in countless ways. While our fabrics are basic, we’ve incorporated numerous techniques into each piece. This collection embodies bold, modern women while still honouring our traditional Indian roots,” she tells us.

Nikita will be featuring 11 outfits for the couture week with a mix of chic and classy pieces made from a variety of materials, including printed chiffons and organzas, recycled saris, and upholstery fabrics. “We salvaged every bit and piece we could find to create these unique items,” says Nikita, who is participating in the fashion week for the second time.

Designer Nikita Jain with a model showcasing one of her designs


A smorgasbord of inspiration

From the tall skyscrapers of New York city, to the glaciers, and flowers, the students of the FIDA- The Design School, INIFD Chennai, have drawn inspiration from a gamut of things. Fareeda Khan, HoD, of the school, says, “The students started preparations for the show three months in advance. Experienced fashion mentors have guided them throughout their journey.”

Sneha D: Sparkle The Bold

Her inspiration revolves around the belief that everyone has the right to showcase their bold and unique character, rather than keeping it hidden away. Her collection features bold, shining embroidery among other details.

Vishnu Priya: Structured Dreams

The tall skyscrapers of New York city are the inspiration for this designer. Her collection portrays the playful essence of clouds and the structured silhouettes of these buildings.

Yogasree: An Emulsion

The collection embraces a carefree spirit, ensuring that thoughts of work remain distinctly separate during those precious moments of relaxation.

Akansha: Antithesis

Her concept comes from the word ‘Antithesis’, which means to demonstrate a clear and stark contrast between two opposing concepts.  

Chetna: Land of Lost Borders

Using breezy fabrics and pale colour palette, she has captured the lost feeling one experiences in the desert and the lightness of sand dunes.

Varsha: Pinjra Todh

Her inspiration is from a real event where women students and alumni of all colleges from across Delhi, protested for a women’s cause. Her final line up speaks on breaking the cage.

Jayamadumitha: Reign of Glacier

Through her collection, she brings attention to the need for the reign of glaciers to continue, highlighting the importance of preserving these natural wonders for our future.

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Kamatchi: Code of Life

The ‘Code of life’ refers to the genetic code that is encoded in the DNA of every cell. Using macrame through knotting techniques, this young designer brings out the beauty of our inner most being.

Trisha: Fuerte Flo

Flowers with a plethora of shapes, colours, and textures have been the inspiration behind this designer, with the central motive being ‘bloom where you are planted’.

On July 23. From 7 pm to 10 pm.
At Hotel Hilton.