Simply Nam unveils its new flawless 'Lashes Collection'

The lashes look close to the real thing and are eco-friendly as well

author_img Team Indulge Published :  23rd September 2023 07:00 AM   |   Published :   |  23rd September 2023 07:00 AM

Everyday strip lashes

Simply Nam, an innovative beauty and cosmetic brand founded by celebrity make-up artist Namrata Soni in 2020, continues to expand its product portfolio with the highly anticipated launch of the Flawless Lashes Collection. With the aim of providing beauty enthusiasts with versatile and exquisite options, the brand's new lash collection includes styles that cater to all occasions and preferences. 

Namrata Soni, the founder of Simply Nam, understands the importance of enhancing one's natural beauty with ease and grace. "The beauty market offers a plethora of lashes, and what I have noticed is that many of them are either too heavy or look unnatural. This can be quite intimidating for someone trying out lashes for the first time," says Namrata. "At Simply Nam, we strive to offer effortless beauty with our products. Our lashes look natural, feel lightweight, and enhance your beauty. They are suitable for formal events or daily wear, even in the workplace." 

The Flawless Lashes Collection comes in four variations: 

Flawless Strip Lashes: 24/7 – Designed to complement your beauty around the clock, 24/7 lashes provide a subtle yet elegant look for everyday wear. Whether you are headed to the office or for a casual brunch, these lashes will keep you looking effortlessly chic. 

Flawless Strip Lashes: Everyday – True to its name, Everyday lashes are the go-to choice for daily elegance. Offering a naturally enhanced look, they're perfect for a day at work, a coffee date, or whenever you want to feel your best. 

Flawless Strip Lashes: Gala – For those special occasions and glamorous evenings, Gala lashes are the epitome of sophistication. These lashes add that extra touch of drama and allure to your eyes. 

Flawless Pro Cluster Lashes – Elevate your eye make-up game with Pro Cluster Lashes. This versatile set comes with cluster lashes in four different sizes, allowing you to create multiple eye-catching looks. Crafted with the utmost precision, these lashes are designed for beauty enthusiasts who love experimenting with their style. 

What sets Simply Nam's lash collection apart is that each pair is expertly crafted with high-quality synthetic fibers that mimic the appearance and feel of natural hair. This ensures that the lashes seamlessly blend with your own, delivering a flawless and natural look. Additionally, these lashes are reusable, making them both eco-friendly and budget-friendly.