Kolkata brand Love For The Loom comes up with latest handloom weaves  

Love For The Loom’s line-up features organic indigenous cotton numbers, woven by handloom artisans from across the country   
A sari from Love For The Loom
A sari from Love For The Loom

 As handloom finally makes a comeback this season, instead of splurging on whatever’s trending, why not explore ethically conscious artisanship to stock up your summer wardrobe? Kolkata-based ethnic wear label Love For The Loom is coming up with a new line of chic, wearable, handmade cotton saris, blouses, stoles, dupattas, which have already found a lot of love among millennials. You may have seen their stylish natural indigo kala cotton blouses on your timelines. Sonali Bhattacharya, who runs the label, has been exploring naturally produced fabrics for a while now and the brand is paving a way for you to stay away from genetically modified cotton fabrics. 

<em>Kala cotton jamdani sari </em>
Kala cotton jamdani sari 

“I was always interested in natural fabrics, and I have also worked as an environmental activist. I got really invested in indigenous cotton and I started experimenting with organically produced cotton and handspun yarns. Now, I am also working with khadi, but our commitment towards natural cotton has always been a priority, as it is defined by a simplicity of design that allows the textures and drapes to speak for themselves. That’s what gave way to the label in 2012,” Sonali tells us. Love For The Loom was set up with a focus on traditional techniques, but their numbers have a contemporary edge, which makes them appealing for daily wear. 

<em>Kala cotton log cabin weave sari</em>
Kala cotton log cabin weave sari

Sonali tells us that their creations are all ethically produced by a community of weavers in Kutch, Bengal, Kotpad, as well as other parts of the country, and the brand only uses sustainably sourced fabrics and dyes. “Our label has always been about preserving traditional motifs and weaving skills while infusing a modern interpretation of design. The brand experiments with palettes and yarns that lend interesting textures and effects to the fabrics. It’s important for us to stay true to tradition while redefining homegrown handloom and creating a distinctive aesthetic,” the designer remarks. 

<em>A khadi jamdani sari in natural indigo</em>
A khadi jamdani sari in natural indigo

The brand’s khadi jamdani and tangail weaves are some of the most impressive pieces you’ll see this season. We found a stunning rust-coloured Kala cotton yarn sari, which was woven in Kotpad, and features a log cabin weave and three shuttle worked temple borders. Love For The Loom’s saris and stoles have found an incredible connect with the younger crowd, who are increasingly edging towards naturally produced, homegrown textiles and weaves. But Sangeeta reveals that most of her customer base is made of women who are in their mid-30s, who know exactly the kind of sartorial niche they want for their daily wardrobe. 

Saris start from Rs 3,500, and you can check out some of their work at their studio which is located at B, 16, Maharaj Nanda Kumar Rd, Lake Market, Kalighat. You can also send her a DM on their Facebook page.  

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