Swimwear special: Plunge in style with tips from designer Abhishek Dutta

Flaunt the latest swimwear this season with fashion tips from couturier Abhishek Dutta 

Sharmistha Ghosal Published :  26th April 2019 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  26th April 2019 12:00 AM

Actor Tuhina Das

With summer at its peak, most of us would prefer to head out for a holiday, and what’s better than the seaside? But you must put your best fashion foot forward when it comes to beachwear. Be it bikinis, monokinis or resort wear — the catch is to keep it cool and eye-soothing. Though bikinis might appear to be all the same, there are marked distinctions between a pool, beach and vacation bikini. While you may require a sturdier fabric to head out for scuba or deep-sea diving, you can manage with a lighter one for lounging by the poolside. 

Choosing the right swimwear to serve your purpose is of utmost importance. When it comes to designs and styles, animal prints — from zebras to leopards to pythons — are ruling the roost this season. Buy them and flaunt them unhesitatingly this season. Cutout swimsuits and metallic finish ones are also flying off the racks this summer. Just remember to apply loads of sunscreen before donning them. Bikinis with high-waisted bottoms from the 1980s and ’90s are making a huge comeback this year. “From ruffles to high-waists to florals to cutouts — every type of swimwear is big time in fashion this year. Choose your style according to your body shape, and you’re fashionably ready to face the pool. You can opt for a monokini, leotard or a bikini,” says city designer, Abhishek Dutta

Actor Tuhina Das

When it comes to colours, designers across the board agree that bright hues including neon pink and red are in fashion. Choose from a wide range of bright colours including shocking pink, scarlet red, tangerine orange, canary yellow or neon blue. “Choose any bright colour you want, but if you’re not too confident flaunting neon palettes, then settle for the sober black-and-white or pastel ones, which are cool and classic,” suggests Abhishek. Dutta also suggests pairing swimsuits with interesting jackets including long jackets, French coats, bolero jackets or even a shrug or a shirt. Just put them on top of your swimwear to look different. 

Actor Tuhina Das

For resort wear, long, flowing maxi dresses or toga dresses in georgettes, chiffons and thin linen are trending. “You must wear contrasting bikinis in pop colours underneath these translucent dresses with plunging necklines, to nail the look this summer,” adds Abhishek. When it comes to beach accessories, you cannot do without sunglasses. Oversized straw hats are always in style in summer. Wear comfortable flip-flops or gladiator footwear. Though jewellery is best avoided, a striking piece in waterproof materials like acrylic can add to your style quotient. 

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Tuhina Das, the tall and dusky actor, who will be seen in Aparna Sen’s much-awaited film, Ghare Baire Aaj, tells us what keeps her going through this gruelling summer  

When it comes to swimwear, I love monokinis in various styles and cuts that accentuate my body shape. Since I am a bit dusky, I love to wear bright colours like tangy orange and pink. I have never worn yellow, but I plan to try out a sunflower yellow monokini this year. Since I get tanned very easily, I apply loads of sunscreen before plunging in the pool or going to the beach. Also, aftercare post-swim is a must to remove a tan. Oversized sunglasses and good sunscreen are my constant beach companions. 

Actor Tuhina Das

For summer wear, in general, I prefer shades of white and cream, and the fabric has to be cotton or linen or anything light and natural, as the skin needs to breathe. When it comes to prints and patterns, floral designs are what I prefer, be it a dress or a top. The sartorial choice depends on where I am going, during which hour of the day — and it may vary from a dress to a shirt or a sari, depending on the occasion. 

During the day-time, I usually, prefer an oversized white tee with a pair of light jeans or a floral dress or hot pants with a top or T-shirt. Attending parties or get-togethers are most painful during summers, and are best avoided. I am not at all a make-up person, so just a bit of mascara and lip balm does wonders for me. I have very oily skin, which feels suffocated if I wear foundation or even a light BB cream during summer. Hence, I avoid any kind of skin make-up during this season, if I am not shooting. 

Actor Tuhina Das

Evening wear can comprise nice palazzos in soft fabrics with tank tops or short dresses. I quite like Ritu Kumar’s latest Spring/Summer collection, which makes for great evening wear. For casual ethnic wear, I prefer kurtas from Biba. Since I am quite tall (5 feet 8 inches), I usually avoid wearing heels, and I love slippers, gladiators or any kind of quirky flats for that easy breezy look. 

Actor Tuhina Das

When it comes to diets and fitness, I like to stick to a liquid diet, though fish is my weakness. I have a lot of water and liquids, including coconut water, lassi and fresh fruit juices to stay hydrated. Since I do cardio and weight training for a couple of hours every day at the gym, I stick to a basic diet, comprising low carbs and more protein, and stay away from eating outside during summer. I like to eat light and non-spicy food. I have a thick, curly mane, which requires extra care during this season, as it tends to get frizzy and dry. I oil my hair with pure coconut oil once a week, and apply a mask consisting of eggs and curd, to keep it soft and manageable.   

Model: Tuhina Das Costumes: Abhishek Dutta Pictures: Apratim Bhattacharya Make-up: Mainak Das Location courtesy: Hyatt Regency Kolkata