Sunita Shanker’s latest collection, The Balmy Clusters, finds its way to Chennai 

The collection, being showcased at Amethyst, focuses on artisans and asks the consumer to partake in some soulful introspection
Sunita Shanker
Sunita Shanker

The pandemic has taught everyone to take a moment, breathe and be more thankful. This has also led to a change in the way designers are creating and perceiving their collections. A designer leading this revolution in thinking is celebrated Delhi-based designer Sunita Shanker who showcases her latest collection, The Balmy Clusters, in the city soon — exhibiting a marked shift from following trends to celebrating craft.

For over two decades, Sunita Shanker has been a household name within fashion circles for her celebration of handloom. Working with weavers from Mangalgiri, Chanderi and Murshidabad among many other such handloom centres — the designer is inspired by the rich traditional crafts of India and her work is a unique interpretation of style that combines both fashion and tradition seamlessly.

 “The collection is defined by the need to be more mindful about the world around us. These are clothes I would wear. The Balmy Clusters is part of the Secret Garden series. It is non trend specific and the clothes are imbued with positive affirmations. The collection was born keeping in mind sustainable livelihoods of the communities engaged in their crafts during the pandemic. The urban communities comprising of patternmakers, cutters, karigars (tailors), embroiderers and checkers. While the rural communities of handloom weavers, dyers and both women and men involved in preparation of the weft and warp respectively. Given the disruption and chaos caused by the pandemic one felt the need to return to something more rooted and soothing and therefore the colour green which invigorates and calms the senses,” explains the designer.

The collection will focus on tunics, kurtas, tops, shirts, dresses, wrap tops, trousers, cropped pants, stoles and scarves. And will be available in Cotton x Linen (handloom), silk x cotton (handloom), Mangalgiri cotton (handloom) and Chanderi. “Most people assume that as a designer my clothes focus on a certain age group — this collection however will suit the tastes of people across ages,” shares the designer.

From Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 16,000
At Amethyst; March 8th to 21st, 2021; 11.00am to 7.30pm

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