Designer Kushal Shah unveils his new luxury clothing brand for men and its flagship store in Mumbai

Now that his label has a home in South Mumbai, the fashion designer plans to introduce new developments such as collaborations with emerging designers
SDS KushalShah store
SDS KushalShah store

“The brand, SDS by Kushal Shah has been in the making for many years now. It feels surreal to see my dream turn into reality,” begins Kushal, the brand’s principal designer and founder, adding to the same he says, “It is a one-stop shop for all men as we not only specialise in prêt, and couture but fashion bespoke ensembles too. We offer a variety of silhouettes, which cater to one’s personal style and aesthetics of today.”

Painting a mental picture of his flagship store located in Kala Ghoda, he reveals, “My approach towards my store began with the thought of serving it as a transformational space for budding and new-age artists by creating a platform to help them showcase their creativity and a place where they could collaborate with others.” His earthy store was designed to provide customers with a unique and engaging shopping experience where they don't just visit to purchase garments but also witness the creativity and diversity of the artistic community.

Carrying forward the legacy of the already established SDS back in a new shift, the label’s principal designer designed a wide range of clothing options for men, some of which were sported by celebs like Ritesh Deshmukh and Karan Tacker. The store currently features everything from casual and loungewear to chic attires one can wear to a fine dining restaurant or night out. “We also have Indian wear such as kurtas, achkans, bandis, bandgalas, and sherwanis, besides some tuxedos that can be worn to multiple celebratory occasions,” Kushal shares.

Those who wish to be a part of the process are in luck here as the team will begin with understanding your need, personality and sense of style. They will let you pick out the silhouette for the occasion you are having the clothes made, which will include choosing fabrics, embroidery and colours. “We have various collaborations with multiple suppliers around the world for high-end fabrics. Alongside the selection of fabrics, we have extremely talented craftsmen who create intricate patterns to produce the best garments for men, all of which are fairly priced,” he concludes.

Now that his label has been introduced to the world and has a home in South Mumbai, the fashion designer plans to introduce new developments such as collaborations with emerging designers, expanding the brand’s online presence, and incorporating more sustainable materials and practices into their clothing lines this year.

INR 7,000 onwards. Available at Kala Ghoda.

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