Jeweller Dhwani Bansal’s latest collection Zami is inspired by the aerial views

The edit currently boasts 22 pieces of jewellery. The bijouterie is detailed with enamel coating in varied shades of purple, blue, green and grey. 

Srushti Kulkarni Published :  03rd March 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  03rd March 2023 12:00 AM

Pieces from the collection

Be it the serene views of a beach or quirky shades of a mountain, there’s something special about being able to wear memories from our favourite trips. Jetsetters who are also jewellery aficionados are always on the lookout for statement pieces that evoke nostalgia and help reminisce certain experiences from their travels. If you are among the lot who fancies beholding the sight of the earth from a bird’s eye perspective, here is a bijouterie collection by city-based jeweller label, Dhwani Bansal, that captures the essence of aerial views translated into jewellery. 

Titled Zami, this new edit inspired by the Urdu word zameen, which means earth or land, features motifs that visually resemble how the expanses of land and water look in the images captured from a drone or when viewed from the window of a flight. “As someone who loves to travel, I wanted to make bijouterie that could help people reminisce their trips, personal pieces that double as daily wear and jewellery that reminds them of the magic that travel holds,” she begins.

The contemporary bijoutier launched her label in partnership with her mom, Anuradha Bansal, after she debuted her capsule collection, Resolve. “This is our ninth collection. It is a bit different from the designs we usually create. Leaves, fruits, flowy motifs and intricate patterns were the highlights of our previous edits. Whereas, Zami is characterised by rounded forms and balanced geometric shapes that represent earthly elements like a flowing river and patches of land,” she tells us.

Dhwani, who believes in the concept of ‘one man’s trash is another’s treasure,’ offers bijouterie that is handcrafted using ethically sourced recycled brass. The base metal is transformed into the intended designs before they are finished with 22k gold micron plating. “Once I had the concept in place, I started the design process with a little research, which included looking at photographs I had taken during my trips. I also surfed on the internet for artists who work with these kinds of structures to identify wearable patterns,” the designer elaborates.

The edit currently boasts 22 pieces of jewellery. The bijouterie is detailed with enamel coating in varied shades of purple, blue, green and grey. One can shop for lapel pins, necklaces, square-shaped bangles, earrings and more from the collection. Some notable pieces from the collection are the Aqua earrings, the Gaia brooch that doubles as a hairpin, the Laza hoops and the Terra layered necklace. Adding to the same, she says, “Zami has pieces in both yellow gold and white gold. The collection also boasts pieces for men. In other collections, we have had one piece or two unisex pieces. But this one has five completely universal pieces.”

Besides the latest collection, Dhwani will also roll out a range of gift boxes that feature the best of her designs. Zami along with the new gift box collection will go live on their website on Women’s Day. 

₹2,800 onwards. Available online and at Indiranagar.