Conscious contemporary clothing label Studio Moonray opens doors to its first store in the city

The store houses our latest autumn/winter 2023 collection, Forces in Balance and some special pieces from our just launched made-to-measure line

Srushti Kulkarni Published :  10th November 2023 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  10th November 2023 12:00 AM

Studio Moonray

In the world of fashion where style often overshadows substance, just two-years-old, this conscious luxury label, not only made it to the closets of celebrities like Mira Rajput Kapoor and Alia Bhatt but has been spotted on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival on Andrea Kevichusa. Founded by the mother-daughter duo — Karishma Swali and Avantika Swali — Studio Moonray marries a deep love for design with an unwavering passion for inclusion and sustainable weaves. The heart of the brand’s philosophy lies in Avantika Swali’s initial doodles carrying hope, compassion and belief in the power of collective choices that will make a difference to the community. After launching their flagship store launch in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, earlier this year, Studio Moonray now arrives in Bengaluru all set to open its fourth store in the recently-launched Phoenix Mall Of Asia. And we ask Karishma Swali for some insights. “Moonray’s newest store has now officially opened its doors, situated on the first floor in the Mall of Asia, the studio designed by the Moonray craft collective is a contemporary oasis with an all-white landscape designed to reflect the label’s finely-tuned sensibility,” she begins. Inspired by the moon and its journey across the night sky, the studio takes on an elliptical shape bearing resemblance to the lunar orbit and sports a one-of-a-kind light fixture custom-designed, which is set against a wave-like form mirroring the gentle undulations of moonlight. At the centre, sits an oblong inlay crafted from onyx in pale pink and marble in muted green. Earth-friendly materials such as hand-coated limestone, onyx marble, wood, glass and steel fixtures create a visually calm ambience. “The store houses our latest autumn/winter 2023 collection, Forces in Balance and some special pieces from our just launched made-to-measure line, Moonray Métier,” she adds.

The label’s new made-to-measure line Moonray Métier transcends seasons and celebrates artisanal excellence through intriguing construction, impeccable finishing and tailored fits across an array of garments, including evening dresses, elegant jackets, precisely tailored suits and versatile separates while the latest Fall/Winter 2023 collection delves deep into the cosmic dance where every force finds its counterpart and harmony reigns supreme. The collection is an exploration of the vigorous interplay of push and pull, light and dark, echoing the behaviour of particles and celestial bodies alike, all in perfect equilibrium. “The collection is deeply inspired by the forces of nature,” she shares.

The collection featuring nearly 100 styles is divided into six series — Gravity, Moonbeam, Willow, Moon-o-gram, Moonflower and Pinstripe. “For instance, the Gravity series draws inspiration from the fundamental force of gravity, features deeply-encrusted clusters of multi-media, a symbolic representation of particles combining due to gravity and ultimately forming asteroids and planets. Similarly, the Moonbeam series is a playful take on a spectrum of colours contained within a beam of light, interpreted through godet pleats in gradient colours that catch the eye,” the designer reveals. The Willow series, taking cues from the enchanting willow tree, features modernist evening dresses adorned with clusters of microbeads and fine crystals using appliqué and fine-needle techniques.

The designs throughout this edit reflect the intricate handcrafted details of macramé, crochet, applique, hand painting and tie-dye — all traditional techniques that work wonderfully for a modern language for craft. Signature motifs like the moonflower and moon-o-gram make their presence felt throughout the collection, underscoring the brand’s core belief in the beauty of balance. “Forces in Balance comprises intricately constructed pieces such as contemporary separates, jackets with crisp taffeta manipulated into gathers, and voluminous, hand-pleated A-line skirts with organza panels. The silhouettes are no less captivating, with vegan-certified raw denim in arc-shaped panels and organic cotton used to create quilted patterns, knife pleats, box pleats, pinstripe patterns and sunray pleats, all in quirky hues like wild berry pinks, pear greens, azure blues balanced by mist greys, deep blues, bright whites and serene blacks,” the founder shares.

Studio Moonray’s commitment to balancing beauty and sustainability is a breath of fresh air. While their upcoming store in Bengaluru promises to be a haven for those who appreciate the finer things in life, with a conscience, the brand is gearing up to unveil another set of surprises in the near future. “Soon, we hope to launch menswear and fine jewellery, offering a wider range of sustainable and conscious fashion choices,” Karishma signs off.

INR 3,500 onwards. At Phoenix Mall Of Asia, Hebbal.