Parisian romance meets Indian elegance at ICW

This exquisite line promises a captivating fusion of French architectural motifs and the timeless artistry of Indian craftsmanship
Sketches by Isha Jajodia - Art of Eternity collection
Sketches by Isha Jajodia - Art of Eternity collection

Isha Jajodia, the creative mind behind Roseroom, is set to unveil her latest collection, Art of Eternity, at the upcoming India Couture Week (ICW). This exquisite line promises a captivating fusion of French architectural motifs and the timeless artistry of Indian craftsmanship.

A blossoming Parisian dream

Jajodia draws inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of nature, envisioning it flourishing amidst the iconic elegance of Parisian architecture. Imagine a rose garden in full bloom, nestled within the heart of the City of Lights. This evocative image forms the essence of Art of Eternity, a collection that celebrates the romance and sophistication synonymous with Paris.

Isha Jajodia
Isha Jajodia

Modern muse

The brand's muse is the epitome of the contemporary woman — confident, graceful, and undeniably chic. Art of Eternity serves as a homage to her magnetic spirit, crafting ensembles that echo her refined demeanor.

A tapestry of tradition and innovation

Isha weaves a captivating narrative within each garment. French sophistication mingles with the delicate allure of floral motifs, brought to life with intricate lace details reminiscent of nature's intricate patterns. The result? A harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, where modernity gracefully complements classic charm.

A fusion of East and West

Prepare to witness the exquisite interplay of heritage and contemporary flair. Isha masterfully juxtaposes the artistry of Indian chikankari embroidery with the romanticism of French lace. This fusion technique serves as an ode to the enduring beauty of both these art forms.

The modern bride redefined

Isha reimagines the modern bride and groom, seamlessly blending cherished traditions with contemporary silhouettes. Bold structures bring a fashion-forward edge to classic bridal wear, while delicate fabrics lend an ethereal quality, exuding grace and refinement.

Architectural inspiration

The architectural marvels of France come to life through structural elements and ornate details meticulously incorporated into each piece. This exquisite attention to detail elevates the collection's aesthetic, creating a truly enchanting bridal experience.

 A story told through fashion

Isha's vision extends beyond mere aesthetics. Each garment aspires to be a piece of wearable art, narrating a story through the delicate femininity of lace, the romantic echoes of French architecture, and the timeless elegance of floral motifs. This collection transcends fleeting trends, aiming to leave a lasting impression.

Timeless elegance

Isha's design philosophy celebrates fashion that endures. Her belief lies in the power of garments that transcend seasons and trends, enhancing the wearer's confidence and elegance. This philosophy manifests in the collection's use of timeless chikankari paired with delicate lacework. The result: a harmonious blend that elevates both art forms, transforming them into exquisite works of art.

A fusion of inspiration

"Every journey, every experience informs my creative process," shares Isha Jajodia. "The intricate details of French architecture and the enduring beauty of chikankari – these are the inspirations that brought Art of Eternity to life. This collection is an ode to old-world charm reimagined for the modern era."

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